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You Need An IT Guy creates secure and seamless IT solutions that give you peace of mind. As part of the You Need A Collective, we work with individuals and businesses all over the Merseyside to remove the headache of IT problems and allow you to get on with your work.
From boosting your secure network coverage, to troubleshooting and resolving those irritat-ing tech issues, to a full IT or AV setup for your office/home office.
who prides himself on providing a fast, efficient and cost effective service to the people of Merseyside and the North-West. I don't have any expensive overheads or gimmicks, which means I can give you the best quote and service possible.
I use the same equipment that BT use and fit, but at a fraction of BT's prices.
I guarantee to beat any quote!
for just a few of the things I can do for you.
For some FREE advice, from a call to me, to a full installation, with 100% satisfaction guar-anteed.
Please give me a call and I will answer your questions personally:. 7 days, 9am to 6pm..
Or send a text and I will call you back.
I look forward to helping you.
Faults - Located and repaired (Where possible. The fault may be down to your service pro-vider, which I will advise you on). It has been known in many cases that the service provider has misinformed the customer that the fault is internal when, in fact, the fault has been the provider's responsibility. I will help seek you compensation for my charges in these circum-stances. for more advice,
Extensions - A new extension fitted at your preferred location,
with cable hidden as best as possible, internal or external. At a fraction of the price of BT!
New master socket - The latest 'BT approved' NTE5A master socket for broadband use. At a fraction of the price of BT! Plus The lastest ADSL/VDSL (fibre) faceplate to filter out all of your secondaty sockets and equipment (eg Sky boxes) and remove the need for microfilters.
Broadband sockets or speed issues - You may not realise, but your current home or business phone wiring can hugely affect your broadband speed. I can help you get the best possible internet connection for your area and even advise on the best provider. Speed tests and health checks. Router repair and relocation. I have helped customers boost their broadband by several Mbps! (The best to date was 0.22 to over 14Mbps!! (ADSL broadband))
VDSL/Fibre Broadband - Prepare your line for Fibre Broadband with the new VDSL face-plate. Get the most out of your speed.
PC/Laptop Repairs
Business telephone systems - Supply, installation, repair, relocation etc
Cat5e & Cat6 data cable - Cabling, rewires, sockets...
Sky phone sockets - Need a socket for your Sky TV box? Done, tidily!
TV Aerials / Satellite Dish - Call for details
Help you fight! - I have spent many hours fighting with service providers for customers who have had problems with their service, and in many cases, had contracts cancelled! (Feedback from those customers can be provided).
Others - I can help and advise with Freeview set-up, TV set-up, home entertainment systems, alarms, CCTV, Two way radio and mobile communications etc.
I can visit your home or office, often on the same day, to provide you with a one to one ser-vice. I will discuss what you need prior to carrying out any work to make sure I do the best, neatest job for you.
If there is anything not mentioned above please give me a call and I will be happy to assist you.Unless you are a cable (e.g. Virgin) subscriber, your line is owned and maintained by BT (Openreach), from the exchange up to and including the master socket in your property. Even if you pay your line rental to another provider.
If a fault is found to be your responsibility (on any internal wiring or equipment) and a BT engineer comes out, you can be charged around £130+
So, you have a fault on your line. There may be a crackle, noise, or the line may be totally dead. You may have no dial tone but your broadband may still be working! There are many faults that can occur.
How do you determine if the fault is your responsibility or that of BT?
You may find that you have an older type of master socket like that in picture 1 above, where the line comes in and is wired straight into the back of the socket where any exten-sions you have in your house may also be wired. This makes it very difficult to determine if the fault is on the external wiring or an internal installation. They can also have a negative effect on your broadband connection and speed.
Wiring may come in to a junction box an old G.P.O. junction box. Junction boxes also vary) and then to a socket. It may be that other sockets are wired from the junction box.
newer type of master socket, although not the newest, where the BT line terminates at the top of the rear plate and any extensions you have are wired to the lower faceplate. These were introduced to make it easier to identify faults and also easier to wire in extension sock-ets. Several advancements have been made to this type of socket over the years with the in-troduction of broadband etc.
There are so many different pieces of equipment and wiring in each house, it can be very frustrating trying to identify the source of the problem and having the worry you may be hit with a large charge from your provider.
Within a very short space of time the fault can be identified as BT's responsibility or yours and the appropriate action taken. If there is an internal fault I can guarantee to have it sorted at a fraction of your providers prices. If the fault is down to BT equipment I will get them out to you FREE. If your provider has informed you that the fault is internal when in fact it turns out not to be I can help you seek compensation.
So, BT or not BT?

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