Forex Training LIMITED SPACES! in Cambridge

Last year was massively successful! Helping my 2019 students get the grips of trading the currency markets was more than rewarding. Some had good prior knowledge with little focus and others were complete beginners, but to teach, grow and see both of these groups grasp and implement that last needed bit of education was so fulfilling.

This industry is so cut-throat as theres so much knowhow bullshit (to put lightly) out there that conflicts with your interest to succeed. I know as I've fallen for it and its frustrating, costly and demotivating. People that want help to win in this field need someone straight and honest. Realising that this is such a rarity, the best thing I thought to do is to try my best to be that person, hence why I'm here.

For the select few that get me as their mentor, I will attempt to teach an intensive no nonsense programme that I would have begged for when I was learning. It was great to see the positivity last year and I know I can duplicate the same for you. I am a full-time trader, hence the limited availability, but passing on my knowledge (the actual good stuff which just isn't taught enough) means a lot to me as I was a struggling trader once and I needed the real insights and a focus.

With this said, my course is split up into 2 sections ('Beginner-advanced' and 'advanced+') as people will approach me at differing starting points so I try to cater for all. The 'Beginner-Advanced' course will get you to a real solid position and this is where I would like everyone to at least be. I will go over this with you on a 1-2-1 basis which will take the best part of the day. This will cost £100 and covers everything including material, travel and my time. For those that I feel are ready for the real juicy stuff in the 'Advanced+' course, I again will cover for a further £100 and this will take up the best part of around half the day to cover. I will dedicate 1 day to each student so don't worry how long the actual content takes you to understand.

I am offering 1 whole day to spend with you on a 1-2-1 basis as well as passing over all my hard working knowledge so this is an investment that I would seriously consider. As I said, you can waste your money elsewhere like I once did which I hate seeing people with a real passion do.

I will provide more information when you get in contact with me. I really hope you decide to take this massive leap forward with me.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Nick RH

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11 weeks ago
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