Baxter Ramsay in Glasgow

Baxter Ramsay is a specialist, professional services company, providing advice to businesses, accountancy professionals and individuals in the areas of banking, business turnaround, risk management and are commercial finance specialists.
Our aim is to provide a pathway to financial freedom and optimize the financial outcome for our clients. The success of our business results from the quality, commitment and hard work of our specialist team.
With over 30 years' experience, we have extensive knowledge in dealing with businesses who are in financial distress. Through our hands on approach we will assist our clients to deal with these difficult economic times utilizing a series of business growth solutions to tackle day to day problems head on.
Businesses experiencing problems in obtaining finance to properly run their operations will be assisted to provide their lenders with professional plans and lending proposals to secure that much needed finance.

In this challenging economic climate, we will work closely with the business owner to effect the necessary changes and guide the business back to stability.

Our Specialities are:
- Business Rescue
- Business Recovery
- Company Insolvency
- Management Buyout
- Business Growth Funding
- Equity Funding
- Company Voluntary Arrangements
- Invoice Financing
- Business Cash Flow

If your company appears to be Struggling with Finance issues then contact Baxter Ramsay as our experts can assist you with everything from Members Voluntary Liquidation to Company Voluntary Arrangement, Company Insolvency to Invoice Finance and even a Winding Up Order. We are one of the best Private Equity Firms London and Glasgow wide.

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