Free personal money advice sessions to help you save money in London

I am offering one to one personal money saving sessions to help you manage and control your money better with the aim of helping you reach your money saving goals.

All sessions are free of charge. All that I ask for is a donation for my time from the amount that I have helped you save each month. If you don't manage to save more than you usually would then I wouldn't expect a payment. Payment is only results based so I rely on your honesty.

My aim is to help people think differently about the way they spend money, whilst still able to enjoy and spend money on things they enjoy. I would like to prevent the need for people to take out a loan, use a credit card or depend on money from somebody else. My service is aimed at anybody looking to save money, whether it is for an annual holiday, a mortgage deposit, or even simply just to have a savings account for security, it is important to be prepared. Please don't feel that this kind of service is only applicable to those with a certain income - money support should be accessible for everybody.

The first session will involve going through your current financial situation. I will not ask for any personal details, all I need to be aware of is the figures so we can plan your budget and work out how to help you save money and then together we will set you your first reasonable monthly goal. I am then happy to have a catch up each week to check how you are getting on and keep saving money front of mind. At the end of the month we will then review together how much you managed to save.

Think of it as personal training or life coaching but for your finances..

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