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Acupuncture is recognised as an alternative treatment for many ailments. If you suffer with any of the following conditions, then acupuncture can help you....
Chronic tension-type headaches
Chronic pain, such as neck pain
Joint pain
Dental pain
Postoperative pain
Mental wellbeing
Acupuncture is viewed as equally beneficial to both physical and emotional disorders. Focusing on balancing the body's vital energy, a series of fine needles are placed at the appropriate acupuncture points on the body to enable a person's energy to flow freely. Once balance has been restored, the body naturally heals itself.
For those of you who prefer a scientific approach, it is worth knowing that acupuncture is recognised by the NHS.
Traditional acupuncture involves diagnosis via precise techniques that have been developed over centuries. Acupuncture concentrates on the individual, rather than their complaint. Therefore each patient is seen as unique, meaning that people with the same medical condition, may well receive different treatments.
We offer tailor made healing sessions for any health and wellness issue. Please contact Heavenly Connections for further details and a free telephone consultation.

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