Do you want to release trapped emotions and negative energies that no longer serve you? in Ilminster

I've helped people with many issues... the way I always start is by doing a soul clearing. In my experience, most people carry negative energies that they are unaware of. These could be earthbound spirits that are attracted to the client, or soul hitchhikers that have come into this incarnation with them (without incarnating themselves), past life unresolved emotions, blocks and programmes within the spiritual levels.

When a person has interference from other beings, the host will feel their emotional baggage as if it's their own. They can have an impact in all sorts of ways. Blocks and programmes running from the past can influence in this life.

With a spiritual soul clearing, you will be left in 100% positive Spiritual light and a reassurance that you have only one soul in this lifetime.

How this helps?... people generally feel lighter in themselves and can start to move on in their lives.

I'm happy to talk about my work and how this may help you, from where you are now in your life.

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