Spiritual Cleansing Services for Homes, Individuals and Pets. in Bury

Spiritual Cleansing, Blessings and Protection for people, pets and places. The removal of negative energies and attachments to restore a healthy and harmonized environment using the Spiritual Cleansing method Smudging.This process cleans the aura-tic sphere around and within allowing positive energy to flourish. If you are experiencing the following an oppressive feeling in your home, negativity around your personal space, spirally bad luck, odd smells, restless nights, interrupted sleep at specific times at night, unexplained noises, constant fatigue, persistent ailments, low moods, constant conflict within the home, pets displaying odd behavior, strange activity, temperature changes in certain areas of the home.

Or would like to try an alternative healing non-invasive process too clean your path for a new and fresh start, help deal and manage personal difficulties like bad habits, feeling of anxiety, spell work, addictions, chronic pain, sporting injury, relationship woes, suspect the evil eye, work related stress by removing negative energy attachments within the individual using the Spiritual Cleansing method Limpia (egg cleansing).

We offer guidance, advice and implementation of Spiritual Cleansing/Protection for individuals, homes (new/old), pre-event venues for ceremonies like engagements/weddings, birthdays, baby showers, baby nurseries, leisure areas.

Pet Cleansing assisting beloved pets who have experienced trauma, injury, surgery and need extra tlc.

We can help......All photos posted were with the clients permission for visual evidence of what was captured during their Limpia cleansing process. Photo 2, 3 and 5 shows strong negative energy removed indicated by the thick white pointed triangles, photo 4 above the water line clearly shows various entities, photo 6 depicts an elongated face within the water.

All client cases are treated with discretion and strict confidentiality. Get in touch and change your life.

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