Reiki Training - Level 1 and 2 in central London in Enfield

Reiki offers an inspirational journey of self-healing that brings positive changes into your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki helps to connect to your deeper intuition and realise the oneness of all living things.

If you are having a difficult time in your life learning Reiki will help you leaps and bounds. Through a series of attunements Reiki connects you to your energy body enabling you to channel energy for healing the self and others.

Our Reiki training is taught by Andy Chrysostomou one of the best Reiki teachers in the UK with over 17 years experience of teaching and practicing Reiki. Andy is also the author of Essence of Reiki, the Definitive Guide to Usui Reiki. Students have travelled from across the world to attend Andy's hugely popular Reiki courses.

Unlike most other Reiki teachers in the UK Andy sticks to the traditional Japanese lineage for Reiki keeping Reiki pure and as intended by the founder Mikao Usui. This style of Reiki is known Usui Reiki Ryoho. In just two days you can master the art of Reiki and use it to self heal yourself and others on all levels.
Reiki helps to maintain a deep sense of connectedness and experience the joy and light that life truly has to offer.

This two day Reiki course is to practitioner level teaching how to heal the self and others on all levels. It is suitable for those wishing to be a Reiki practitioner. This truly lays the foundation for Reiki and gives insight into the history of Reiki and the scientific application of Reiki.

At the end of the course students will experience the flow of Reiki energy and be able to treat themselves and others as well as fee paying clients.
Andy offers a lot of laughter and a relaxed ambience with plenty of time for questions and getting to interact with the other students.

It is amazing to use and feel Reiki working on the course and will hopefully transform your life as it has transformed the lives of all our other students. You can find the course syllabus below.

Day 1

The core philosophy of Reiki

Scientific explanation of Reiki

Reiki attunements / Reiju Empowerments

21 day Cleansing Process

History of Reiki

Reiki Lineage

Reiki ideals (Usui Sensei/ Mrs Takata)

What Reiki can be used for

Seven levels of Reiki

The Reiki hand positions

Kanji Hand positions

Signs of release

Healing safely


Developing Reiki focus


Bio Feedback

Byosen Reikan Ho Scanning

Jakikiri Joka Ho

The Rei method for Healing

Practice healing

There are four Denju (initiation attunements) at this level

Day 2

Laws - most common

Professionalism and treating clients with regards to National Occupational Standards for Reiki

How to join a Reiki Association and get insurance

How to register with CNHC

Interviewing clients effectively

Record keeping / Interview form /Treatment form

Treating Clinical Illnesses

Working Holistically to maximise the healing effect of the treatment

Empowering the client to take responsibility for their recovery and health

Case Study - Parkinson's Disease

Working as a Reiki practitioner and setting up a practice

Getting a website

Search Engine Optimisation techniques

The key concepts of Reiki

The Shirushi (Reiki symbols)



Giving Reiki treatments

Hands on Reiki

Distant Reiki

Japanese Reiki techniques: Gyoshi Ho / Koki Ho/ Hatsu rei ho (including Joshin Kokyu ho and Kenyoko ho)

Practice hands on Reiki

Practice distant Reiki healing

There is one Denju (initiation attunement) and 3 Shirushi (Reiki symbols) at this level

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