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Spiritual Counselling-Find out why ur having health & other issues & how to resolve it to be happy again! £15/h in London



This spiritual counselling has nothing to do with religions.
It's about who you really are, how does everything work in your life and what is your mission and reasons to be here.
I will explain to you why you are having issues of any kind, why you have to go through your problems and I will advise you what to do with it to be content and happy again.

I am offering one on one video/voice counselling which can be 100% anonymous if using Skype without video camera so you can feel comfortable to talk about your private issues.
You can contact me regarding any problems you are currently having.

Addictions: alcohol, smoking, drugs
Stress, panic attack, anxiety
Relationships & Marriage issues
Psychic problems
Behavioural issues
Emotional breakdown
Self confidence
Sex change
Grief, Bereavement
All types of conflicts (at work or with your neighbours or your ex partner)
Rape victim
Domestic violence

Health disorders: Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Allergies, Ear pain, Headaches, Asthma, Fatigue, Depression, Skin disorder, Arthritis, Back pain, Autoimmunity, Shoulder pain, Organ disorder, High blood pressure, Hepatitis, Urinary track, leg or knee pain

I will help you to conquer your life and to overcome all issues you are dealing with.
You can book free 15-20 min introductory consultation by replying to this advert leaving your name or nickname, the issues ur having and I will contact you back to arrange it. After the short consultation you can decide if you would like to book 1 hour counselling for £15 which is a great deal available for everyone. The payment is via PayPal.
Pls let me know what time is convenient for you, I'm available between 8am-9pm all 7 days a week

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