Professional Yoni Massage in the comfort of your own home. in Edinburgh

I'm James, I'm a professional Masseur based in the Edinburgh area, I'm an intelligent, friendly guy in my early fifties, and I've been massaging professionaly now for seven years.

I understand the apprehension that many women feel when they decide that Yoni Massage is something they'd like to try, and I pride myself in being to allay many of these concerns by inviting prospective clients to freely ask me the questions that concern them the most. You'll find me open, helpful and very easy to talk with.

I received my training ten years ago from an Eastern European Massage professional, who trained me in a series of intense sessions, to be as sensitive and considerate as possible to the needs of my clients.
My Yoni clients tend to fall into two categories, those who want to experience something spiritual, and those who want to experience something more physical, of course the massage can be both of these things, as everyone approaches the experience in a slightly different way. Those with a more metaphysical approach believe that certain blockages caused by toxins in parts of the body, particularly the sexual organs can stop the Chi, or life force from working properly, and that Yoni can help to unblock them, re-enabling the self-healing mechanism. Whether you subscribe to this or if you take a more practical approach, there's no doubt that Yoni, can help to, de-stress, relax and bring the receiver a huge feeling of elation and general well-being.

My Yoni massage begins with a gentle, relaxing full-body massage, this relaxes the receiver and helps her to become familiar to my touch before the Yoni part of the process begins. We will have discussed what the receiver hopes to achieve through the experience, and the Yoni will proceed according to her expectations.

Being a Mobile Masseur, means that I bring everything to you. I provide towels, oils, relaxing music, and my massage table, although many of my clients prefer the familiarity of their own beds.

I can be available when you need me to be, as I realise that many of my clients only have privacy at certain hours of the day.


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