Relationship Healing , Psycotheraphy Healing, Addictions Healing in Tower Hamlets

My name is Jeegnesh Darji and I am a Pranic Healer & Arhatic Yogi. Pranic healing and cleansing can help improve health, happiness and overall well-being by purifying the prana--or vital energy. This exciting powerful practice is completely drug-free and works alone or with complimentary therapy to provide solutions to real-world problems.

My specialties include Relationships Healing, Financial Healing, Physical Healing & Pranic Psychotherapy. I have much experience with Advanced and Crystal Pranic Healing, as well as Pranic Psychotherapy. As a result, I have helped men and women all ovuer the world alleviate a host of issues, including headaches, gastrointestinal troubles, joint and back pain, psychosomatic disorders and much more. Those seeking to have their auras cleansed or the energy within their homes or offices cleanses or protected can also benefit from my work with Pranic Shields and utilization of consecrated essential oils.

To prepare for this work, I completed GMCKS's classes for Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Pranic Self Defense, Arhatic Yoga Prep and Achieving Oneness with the Soul, Kriyashakti Class. I am also currently attending school for financial investing. I speak fluent Gurajati, & Hindi. I speak & write well in English with an accent.

I can't wait to help you overcome obstacles--physical and psychological--that are holding you back. I am available 24x7 locally, thru Facebook Messenger, video call and Skype. Healing can even be administered while you are sleeping--and often most receptive.

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