Reiki & Karuna ki Healer Practitioner in Toronto

I deal with all types of depression, Anxiety, stress, OCD, insomnia, bad dreams and different types of phobias. As well as with all kinds of body pains addressing to problems in internal glands organs through chakara cleaning to deep cleansing that means unblocking blocked chakaras. Aura cleaning, chord cutting, removing old wounds due to past traumas and to some extent removing a bad effect of previous life karmas.
Or maybe you are feeling trapped inside the web of unwanted / uninvited thoughts and want to get rid of that web? Please contact me WhatsApp
Note : I am from India I want to reach every part of the world where people are in depression to provide my healing service. I provide healing service through distance since I am a second degree healer in reiki so in this distance it doesn't matter at all even if a person is thousands of miles away from me.

(Reiki & Karuna ki Healer Practitioner)

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