Hirudotherapy, leech therapy in Richmond upon Thames

Hirudotherapy. Best way to be healthy and Ideal cosmetology treatment!
Experienced Hirudotherapist provides services in London, Richmond. Home visits are available (the price is negotiable).
1 session - 40-60 minutes, each costs from £ 75. The course of treatments is 8/10/12 sessions
Those treatments are extremelly effective: the level of microcirculation and consists of three main factors: reflex, mechanical and biological. The mechanical action takes place according to the principle of curative bloodletting. With the loss of a certain amount of blood, it unloads the blood flow, the vessels are released, and the pressure normalizes. The new blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the inflammation site. The swelling is removed and the pain subsides. The reflex action is comparable to that of acupuncture. The leech bites through the skin only at biologically active (acupuncture) points associated with various body systems. The action of hirudin (leech enzyme) occurs within 3 months after the treatment. During this time, blood clots will dissolve, red blood cells will be replaced, and blood rejuvenated.

The benefit lies in the fact that in 1 session, up to 100 bioactive substances are injected into the body, which determines the effectiveness of the technique:
- elimination of the risk of thrombus formation;
- restoration of blood circulation in tissues and organs;
- bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects;
- improving the supply of tissues with nutrients and oxygen;
- normalization of cholesterol levels;
- lymphatic drainage effect;
- elimination of edema;
- improving the work of the heart;
- improving immunity;
- normalization of metabolism.
The list of diseases is endless: myocardial infarction, stroke, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, poor peripheral circulation, infertility, post miscarrage/ abortion, prostate, spondylosis (cervical, thoracic, lumbar), myopia, adnexitis, pneumonia, wrinkles reduction, facial allergies, hypertension, cardiosclerosis, hepatitis B&C, cellulite treatment, stomach ulcer, non sergery facelifting.

Contraindications: arterial hypotension;
pregnancy, acute anemia or leanness, leukemia, intestinal tumors, fever, bacterial endocarditis, mental illness or individual intolerance.

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