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As an healing energy therapist, I accompany you on your way to well-being. I help you to achieve harmony and balance.

What are the effects of energy healing

Cleanse your aura, refocus it
Remove all the negative from your energetic and physical bodies
Rebalance your chakras
Restore a good circulation of energy in your body
Relaxing and calming the body and mind
Stimulate your immune system.

When should I have an energy treatment

The energy treatment can be done as a preventive measure to help the body and mind get through a period of time: change of season, change of time, period of intense work, period of stress (exams, competitions... etc), upcoming surgery...
It is very useful for people who are undergoing heavy treatment such as chemotherapy. It will stimulate the immunity and help to minimize the side effects, both in their duration and their intensity.
Energy healing is also used for people who are going through a difficult period to help them return to the positive.

What will you feel after the treatment

The effects are different for everyone.
Among the feelings that have already been communicated to me:

Just after the session

A feeling of serenity
The impression of feeling lighter, free of a weight
An increase in energy
A feeling of intense thirst or hunger.

Longer term effects

Easier to relax
A more restful sleep
Improved general fitness
Stimulated immunity
Increased physical and mental resilience
Greater emotional stability.

For your wellbeing don't hesitate
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