Kambo ceremony with an IAKP practitioner in Lochgelly

I'm an iakp trained Kambo Practitioner offering kambo ceremonies in fife and surrounding areas.

Some of the potential effects of these compounds include:

Improved mood and reduced anxiety - possibly from the interactions that lead to reductions in the main stress hormone, cortisol, within the bloodstream.

Pain relief - certain elements have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the inflammation associated with some type of pain, as well as other compounds that have some opioid-like effects, and that can also cross blood-brain barrier, causing pain blocking effects within the brain itself.

Anti-cancer properties - an indirect result of the action of some compounds leads to reduced blood vessel growth, which is a property used in a number of treatments that can help to restrict tumour growth in cancers with targeted delivery.

Treatment of addiction - helping to reset certain chemical pathways in the brain that are fouled by addiction. Some of the peptides are opioid-receptor binding, meaning that they bind to the receptors in the brain that opiates normally bind to. This could help those with opiate addiction by helping to normalise brain hormonal responses without the need for opiate ingestion.

Lowered blood pressure - many of the peptides have vaso-dilatory effects, meaning that they widen blood vessels. This allows more room for blood to flow and so contributes to lower blood pressure. Indeed, these are what cause some of the light-headedness and dizziness that can be felt when taking Kambo.

Heart protective properties - in addition, this widening of blood vessels can increase blood flow to the heart. Along with some of the other effects on smooth muscle, this has the potential to aid heart health.

Anti-microbial properties - many of the compounds have effects to fight against fungal and bacterial infections. Actually, this is one of the reasons why the frog from which Kambo is harvested secretes this substance in the first place - to help protect its skin from fungal and bacterial infection, which are a particular menace to amphibians.

the list goes on, if you call the call for Kambo message me.

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