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Come... Alchemise your energy; in Sully

18 weeks ago


"The best healing I've received and I've received a lot" - Thomas Shaman & Philanthropist (masculine bodied)

"She has an energetic arsenal of epic talents and I always come away feeling weirdly bigger, I cant explain it but it's like I grown a foot in height after every session. I always feel 1000% better, you'll get used to 'better' feeling different to how you expect it would, which is refreshing." Robyn - Mother (feminine bodied)

"Sarah just gets it like no-one else I've tried! I don't need to say anything, she just instinctually knows exactly what I need but I cant lie it certainly isn't always what some might call pleasurable but the truth never is. No-one switch session is ever the same either. What I can say is that afterwards I feel lighter my body feels balanced - my mind clear and my purpose more deeply solidified. They are incredible experiences, a must try" - Paul Software developer (masculine bodied)

The symptomatic tension, pain, inflammation, physiological misalignment and psychosexual disorientation humans experience is an effect of collective trauma. Its not personal although at the 3D level (body)... It can feel it.

So sadly when aspects of consciousness are left in an imbalanced state they contribute to negative collective patterns culminating in inter-generational disease which leads to premature death, poor quality of life, famine & homelessness later down the ancestral line

There are many Tracks to healing

This is one

"Switching" works to balance the tones of Karma & Dharma as an expression of multi origin modalities. It provides the most attuned healing needed for the individual.

(see Qualifications & Tracks taken below for an understanding of Switchwork)

Who its for is for people with unmet spiritual &/or energetic needs experienced as;

Inflamed brain | relational problems | financial problems | misguided sense of direction | anger, rage, frustration | physical pain | meaninglessness | boredom | loneliness, grief, loss & broken-heartedness | gender distrust | sexual confusion & shame

Sarah (She/They) is feminine bodied by nature - millenial - white cis brit born - straight oriented

With 20 yrs meditation practice and 8 + years of facilitation. Faye is a mastered Trauma expert, Medicine keeper & Faith Switch. Guided on an adventure to support humanity transmute fire and create flow to alchemise energy; heal deep trauma & distortion from source to soul to flesh & bone.

Qualifications & Tracks taken:

Ashtanga Yoga YTT 200hr - Bali
Vedic Philosophy - Bali
Ayurvedic Nutrition - Bali
Hatha Yoga training - Goa
100hrs of Sacred Sexuality Workshops - Goa
Tribal Fusion & Serpentine Mechanic Temple Arts - Goa & Online
Thai Yoga Massage Buddhist - Ldn
Shamanic Energy Medicine, Survivalism & Bushcraft - UK (Apache Scout Teachings )
Iniciate of feminine lineage of Peruvian Lobo Blanco's teachings - Spain

Send a message with the word 'SWITCH' to receive more

- Depth in your connection to spirit
- Lightness in your decision making
- Vitality to your circulation & digestion
- Harmony & pleasure in your relationships
- Alignment with your soul & your deepest purpose
- Synchronisities & greater manifesting power
- Freedom in your joints & strength in your bones & fascia

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