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S P Care Clinic Priory Rd, Consulting Rooms Newcastle Under Lyme Staffordshire in Newcastle



Ear Syringing
If you feel that your ears are blocked and you wanted to have them syringed, why not book an appointment with a skilled Health care professionals.

Our aim is to provide you with the most affordable private ear syringing service which is performed by highly skilled Health care professionals.

The ear canal is a 3cm tunnel ending at the eardrum. The sides of the tunnel are covered with skin and have small glands which produce wax. The wax is important to waterproof and protect the skin of the tunnel. Usually, ears are self-cleaning and the excess wax works itself out. But occasionally, a large build-up of wax can cause some temporary loss of hearing.

Do you find it difficult to see your GP for earwax cleaning, Earwax removal at our clinic includes an ear examination, and ear syringing. Please note that we recommend using olive oil drops or earwax softening drops three times a day for at least five days before ear syringing.

Ear irrigation is a painless procedure, but your ear may feel strange as the water is sprayed around your ear canal. A pressurised flow of water, using an ear irrigator, is used to remove earwax. The water is a similar temperature to your body.


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