NEW BOOK Angelic Dowsing Learn how to heal people and animals Author Clyde Hughes in Swansea

Angelic Dowsing The path to divine healing Learn how to heal people and animals
Dr Clyde Hughes shares with you what he has learnt over more than 30 years working as a healer, medium, dowser, space clearer and exorcist
Clyde runs an animal healing sanctuary with his wife in Swansea South Wales UK and all proceeds from this book will go to help run his sanctuary. I have had amazing things happen to me over the years; some good; some bad, which I'll share with you in this book.
This book teaches you how to perform healing on people and animals, how to dowse from start to finish and how to locate by dowsing your Spirit Animals, Guides and Angels. This book includes a powerful chakra clearing meditation and a clearing protection prayer from Arch Angel Uriel.
Clyde shares with you case studies of miraculous healings. I use divining rods and the pendulum to actually locate energy blocks in the body and to locate blocked chakras.
This book teaches you to find any negative energy /spirits that have attached to you which can bring ill health and exhaustion. Are you feeling depressed and drained of energy and cannot shut your mind off ? Find out what could be causing it with this book.
Clyde will show you how to Dowse form start to finish. Select and programme your divining instruments. Find energy blocks in your body. Check crystals for negative vibrations and how to clear them. Check your beliefs ..find out what your subconscious mind is thinking . Check your aura and chakras for blocks or damage. Check yourself for curses and vows that can bring poverty bad luck and illness. How to set a crystal grid. Find out how to locate your guardian angel and how to do smudging and space clearing.
Clyde Hughes is one of the UK top healers He treats animals and people from his Shangrala Healing Centre on his farm in Swansea South Wales.
Clyde is qualified in many forms of healing and has been working as a healer for over 30 years.
Clyde is an ordained minister and Clyde will be running workshops and courses in 2018 on Angelic Dowsing at the animal healing sanctuary in south wales

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