Climbing Ladders? Still? in Dorchester

YEARS ago I was an assistant to an excellent electrician and we would be asked to visit all sorts of places across the South of England!

Up ladders, down ladders and under floorboards (well - not fully!) and really it was a huge and beneficial learning curve that helped me to do a lot of work (under proper checks by the aforementioned electrician!!) on our present family home.

SO - why climbing ladders - still?!

Our family home is a superb, rather "tall", house that has had a lot of work done over the years and every now and then the gutters need to be cleaned out! I HAD left them for rather longer than I should have......

Now - what to someone to do the job, pay and wait for their arrival while all this lockdown is in place or do it myself? We have the ladders available and so I decided to do it and see how the dodgy knees stood up to it!

First bit a nasty corner gutter filled with stuff that has slid down the slates over the last few .... years it seems! That was done and climbing the ladder was not really an issue - the knees stood up well having used the CBD Balm.

Having sorted that area in a fairly quick time the sight of the main gutter was not one I was pleased with! Main gutter had a lot of moss that had washed in over the last years. My excellent power hose was up with me and I tried to move the moss - to no real result!
CBD Balm

I decided not to go up again that same day - the weather was closing a bit anyway. SO - at the beginning of this week past I got the ladders up again and carefully went up the fairly high ladder! 70 years old with dodgy knees - you must be mad!

Anyway - we did it and the the CBD Balm seemed to work wonders again!

Yes - I was somewhat "weary" after doing this but I know that without the the CBD Balm. I would never have tried it.

So - after the summer of resetting the garden and now clearing some very high guttering I would definitely recommend the the CBD Balm for natural pain relief - now available on the links shown...

Many thanks for reading and do try the CBD Balm for natural pain relief!

Bye for now


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