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Cryolipolysis - Fat freezing in Oxford



FREEZE your fat it's a BREEZE!

Finding it hard to shift weight? Are certain areas enhanced with stubborn fat? Then no problem at all VIVO Clinic has the answers! Offering the statement treatment of Cryolipolysis the fat freeze alternative to surgical liposuction!

Cryolipolysis is non invasive and no surgery is required - Safely freezing the fat cells to a temperature of -9 degrees! We used a cooling technology that results in localised reduction. The technology behind it was designed and developed by dermatologists at Harvard Medical School.

Draining out the dead, frozen fat cells through the lymphatic system! Fat cells crystallise at different temperatures than other cells. It is specific in breaking down the fat cells whilst sparing all the other tissue such as the skin, muscle mass and nerve fibres.

How it works?

A special vacuum suction cup with cooling plates is positioned on the selected body area. The area is then chilled - fat cells are especially sensitive to cold exposure. When the fat cells crystallise they no longer function in their usual way and breakdown. The surrounding blood vessels and nerves are much less sensitive to cool exposure and they remain unaffected. This results in the elimination of the fat cells without damage to the surrounding area.

How Long does it take? - lasting Results?

Each given are we freeze to approximately -9 degrees for 30 minutes. And over the next 6-8 weeks the body begins to remove the fat cells as a waste product so when you go to the toilet you will simply pass them on as a waste product just at you would with any other waste material in the body. With Cryolipolysis the results can last as long as you follow the aftercare and have a balanced diet along with a healthy lifestyle.

25%-45% reduction in stubborn fat in any given area!

Side effects of the treatment

There aren't any long term side affects of the treatment itself however depending on the sensitivity of ones skin you may experience slight bruising and redness however usually for no longer than a day or two. There is a HD thermal aftercare cream which works to prevent any swelling or bruising and is used to speed the process up by stimulating the lymphatic system.

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