Fresh royal jelly 50g ALBEENA in Basildon


Pure royal jelly from AlBeeNA is a 100% natural bee product with a guaranteed 2% 10-HDA concentration. Complex hyper-food and the only known source of 10-HDA acid, it is an active substance with proven health benefits.
The special benefits of pure AlBeeNa royal jelly are due to the high amount of 10-HDA acid, the main ingredient in this high-quality beekeeping product. The raw AlBeeNa royal jelly is supplied in its fresh state, as the hive offers, without it being changed.

Therapeutic uses:
Improves immune system performance and metabolism
Increases resistance to colds, infections, fungi and bacteria such as staphylococci and streptococci
Regenerates and stimulates new cells and stem cells
Rebuilds nerve cells, stops neuronal degradation and improves memory
Improves physical and mental fatigue, anaemia and asthenia
It has anti-oxidant effects and delays aging
Keeps cholesterol and blood pressure within normal limits
Gives the body energy and helps recovery of the body after being unwell

How is it administered?
Royal jelly can be used daily, internally or externally.
The recommended maintenance dose is 1g / day for adults and 0.5g / day for children in 6-8 weeks of treatment. For physical or mental exhaustion, the dose may go up to 2-3 g / day or more.
Consult a professional with apiphytotherapy knowledge to understand required doses.

How to Store?
Store the royal jelly in the refrigerator at temperatures between 2-6 degrees Celsius.

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