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Anxiety disorders are much more than just nervousness and worrying. They can be quite terrifying as fear about things that other people wouldn't give to much thought to magnify. Many people with these disorders understand that their thoughts do become irrational, but they still can not stop them.

When you get anxious, you tend to have this pervasive thinking about some worry or some problem and you feel negative about it.

It's normal to feel a higher level or to get a little anxious at times. Maybe when preparing for a special event or exam or when entering into unfamiliar situations, such as a new job. Often a certain amount of stress is needed for you to perform well and do your best.

If feelings grow to an excessive level and are not dealt with, they can become a problem. If you're suffering from high levels of anxiety you know how debilitating it can be. Anxious feelings can stop you from enjoying your life. They can limit you in your career. Can stop you sleeping and relaxing. Anxiety can cause actual physical symptoms resulting in illness, if they are allowed to get out of hand.

Anxiety can show up in our lives in different ways and forms but is often characterised by feelings of fear and worry about current or future situations, although often these feelings can be triggered by memories of a past event. It can cause the following symptoms; panic, fear, and uneasiness, sleep problems, not being able to stay calm and still, cold sweaty or numb or tingling hands or feet, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dry mouth, nausea, tense muscles, dizziness.

What are the causes- Causes can vary from external factors such as worry about work, study, money. Even stressful relationships or a traumatic event in our past can trigger anxiety. Anxiety causes can also be the possible side effects from medication or hormonal changes, during PMT (pre-menstrual tension) or the menopause for example.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help resolve panic attacks, anxiety, panic stress, fear, anger. Anxiety can also be used to help in dealing with issue like substance abuse, gambling addiction and weight loss.

Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to cure anxiety. Any experienced clinical hypnotherapist will cure panic attacks in 1 to 3, 1 hour sessions with high success rate.

The hypnotist can help the person focus on getting past their phobias and suggest ways to remain relaxed when in feared environments. Hypnotherapy can help a person with panic disorder improve self-esteem, overcome negative thinking, and manage troublesome symptoms.

Once the hypnotherapist has helped the client become relaxed, he may ask the client to focus. The client will bring awareness to the physical sensations, emotions, and cognition's associated with their anxiety such as chest pain, shaking, and fear.

The hypnotist will use calming words of encouragement, like "You feel safe despite your discomfort" or "You are in control of your panic." The hypnotist will also suggest ways to cope with these feelings, such as "Taking deep breaths during your panic attacks and this makes you feel calmer."

Hypnotherapy will also help the resolution of agoraphobia, a common condition for people with anxiety. Agoraphobia involves a fear of having panic attacks under restrictive circumstances, including crowds or while driving. Hypnotherapy can allow a person to learn how to remain relaxed while facing these fears.

Anxiety help
We see a lot of clients suffering - it can be quite easy to resolve if you seek out the right kind of help. There are many proven techniques to get this system back in sync. These are generally hypnotherapy based practices like clinical hypnosis and Nuero linguistic programming. These help heal the sub conscious mind that needs just some gentle re clarification. An experienced clinical hypnotherapist will resolve anxiety attacks in just a few 1 hour sessions with high success rate.

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