Gender Identity Anxiety Hypnotherapy ONLINE sessions reduced Autumn 21 in Blairgowrie

Our confidential online sessions are now reduced to only £60 during Autumn 2021. Hypnotherapists use techniques that bring about deep relaxation or 'trance' - a natural and everyday state similar to daydreaming - during which the client is very responsive to suggestions beneficial to their health and wellbeing.

For the client affected by gender dysphoria, hypnotherapy can be used to complement treatment plans agreed with a GIC (or whilst awaiting their first appointment). It is of help both to the person affected and also their friends and family in the following ways

Support for the parents of a transgender child - helping them to deal with the anxiety, stress and depression which are commonly associated with Gender Dysphoria.

Coping with discrimination and oppression by building resilience.

Working directly with sufferers with a range of issues including anxiety, stress, depression, loss of identity, sexuality, relationship issues, confidence, performance anxiety, insomnia and other health issues.

Empowering the client by teaching them techniques such as Mindfulness, relaxation and self-hypnosis to enable them to help themselves between sessions and achieve long term wellbeing once therapy has ended.

Enabling them to fully accept themselves and the integration of both parts of their gender.

Support during the 'social gender role transition' period (they are typically required to first live in their preferred gender identity full time for at least one year prior to having permanent gender-confirmation surgery.

Hypnotic suggestions for 'feminisation' or 'masculinisation' behaviours.

Support dealing with the challenges of 'coming out' as transgender to family, friends and colleagues - finding the courage, self-confidence and resilience.

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