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Would you like a massage that's truly enjoyable and relaxes not just the physical body, but also your mind and whole being? Hawaiian LomiLomi massage is gentle and deeply relaxing. It nurtures and heals your being beyond the just physical level. It can be a lift-me-up massage, a pampering and nurturing me-time, an emotional healing, an oasis away from the daily stresses - many possibilities depending on your individual needs and wishes.

On a physical level, the LomiLomi massage has long, rhythmical an flowing movements where the therapist uses their forearms and hands. The experience resembles feeling waves gently washing over, and also under your body. Receiving this massage is usually a very enjoyable and also deep experience. People often tell they felt transported to a different inner space that has a beautiful nurturing and healing quality. I also often hear clients say they could never have imagined that a massage could be so good, even a blissful experience. I believe this depth of experience comes from the Hawaiian spiritual tradition, in which this massage is rooted.

LomiLomi comes from the age old Hawaiian spiritual tradition. From this tradition it brings forth uniquely beautiful and profound qualities. Hawaiian's traditionally understand all existence to be a manifestation and flow of love. Love is what all existence is made of. This love is beyond the individual and beyond the way we feel ourselves to be separate from everything else.

Now, whether you think there might be something spiritual in this world or not, this massage will be an enjoyable and deeply relaxing experience that leaves you feeling great. Let me say - checking it out is well worth it!

Having a four handed Lomi Lomi session brings a doubling of the nurturing and relaxation. Four skilled hands offering touch can bring a whole different degree of letting go into the experience. With one practitioner your mind may follow and track what she is doing. With two practitioners and four hands this will not be possible. The letting go of control that follows brings a deeper surrender to the body experience. You may find a whole different dimension of enjoyable nourishment.

I also offer Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, should you need massage to relax specific muscular tensions or discomfort in your body. These can be combined in a session with each other and with a LomiLomi massage.

I have been offering massage since 2005, when I qualified for Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage (Hieronta-Akatemia, Helsinki, Finland). I studied LomiLomi with The Secret Garden in UK a few years ago. I find it especially satisfying to work with people for their deeper well being, rather than just with physical relaxation. I especially love LomiLomi, as it is wonderful to see people get so much from the sessions.

I receive clients in Dalston, 4 minutes walk from Dalston Kingsland Overground Station. I charge £60 per hour. I generally work from noon to 8pm Mon- Fri , Saturdays noon to 6pm. Exceptions to these times may be possible if you have difficulties finding a suitable time within them.

Anya, my colleague for four handed Lomi Lomi is a qualified body therapist and group facilitator. Our four handed Lomi Lomi is available time to time, including around mid October. The four handed sessions cost £120 per hour.

You are very welcome to call me to talk and find out more about my massages, or also to find out if they would be suitable for you. I take calls 10am - 9pm Mon - Sat.

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