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Paediatric Phlebotomy Training Courses S P Care Phlebotomy Training Priory Rd Consulting Rooms, Newcastle Under Lyme in Newcastle



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We run our theory days from our consulting room locations at Harley Street, London & Staffordshire.

S P Care Phlebotomy Training (Group) is led by Mr Davies Consultant Founder & CEO and a team of health care practitioners. At S P Care Phlebotomy training Group we are dedicated to students success, you can be sure that you are being trained by the best and brightest minds in the Phlebotomy industry !

Our trainers have had years of experience in the field of phlebotomy and other fields of medicine. Their knowledge, skill and
technique of phlebotomy will help students learn quickly and efficiently.

Is phlebotomy a great career to get into? Yes, it absolutely is a great career to get into it is an excellent way to get into the medical field.

Paediatric Phlebotomy Training This course is designed for Healthcare Professionals who would like to extend their clinical skills to be able to undertake paediatric venepuncture/cannulation.

This training course is for experienced Phlebotomist, who will train to give blood test on babies and children.

Paediatric Phlebotomy Training, students are taught significantly more than simply realizing exactly where to place the needle when drawing blood.
Rationale for venepuncture/cannulation.
Relevant anatomy and physiology.
Equipment required.
Preparation for procedure (local policy/protocol-aseptic technique).
Legal and Professional aspects.
Psychological factors-child and family.
Health and Safety policy/protocols (clinical waste/sharps disposal).
Practical workshop.
On successful completion of the day candidates will be required to organise appropriate supervised practice and assessment of competency within their own clinical environment guided by local policy and protocols.

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