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Alcohol Detox in Camden



About Us & What You Get

We have been providing detox plans for years and have a very high success rate and we are UK based. We have put together Detoxification plans to suit every drinker, from those who don;t feel they are alcohol dependent, but have noticed that the glass of wine after work is slowly increasing, your not an alcoholic, so you don't need an expensive rehab, you don't want to go to your local drug and alcohol centre. We have a 5 week plan that can be completed in the evenings, as most are working during the day, and find their drinking normally starts in the evening, If you wish we also have a plan that can be completed through the whole day.

We have a Detoxification plan for those who have unfortunately become alcohol dependent, who have maybe been to their local drug and alcohol centre, and feel it is simply not working for them, or have tried AA and again it's simply doesn't work, and the relapse after relapse is starting to become a real drain. We also provide 24-hour support after you purchase your detox plan, yes we will support you during and after your detox for 6 Months, Guaranteed.

So What Do You Get
Your Detox Plan (5 weeks)

Downloadable Videos

Downloadable e-books

24-hour support

Relapse Prevention

Access to a anonymous Live forum

Information about Alcoholism

Information on how to deal with Cravings

What vitamins you should be taking

Alcohol & Anxiety explained......and more

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