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We are setting up a therapy group in the Chorley area. This is an exciting initiative designed to provide affordable private therapy in a safe professional environment.

This group will be cover a wide range of of issues. The approach will be CBT and led by a professional therapist.

If you would like to request to be involved, please email us by Friday 26 April at 12 noon before we put the list together.

What are the distinctive features of this group?

Each therapy group is different, however we would highlight the following features for this one:
The issues covered will primarily be based on what is troubling members of the group and are expected to be anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship issues, 'life drift', anger issues and related areas.
We would not cover bipolar, eating disorders, borderline personality disorders, schizophrenia and other challenges requiring specialist one-to-one support.
Each session would last approximately 60 minutes
Each group would have between 4 and 10 members
The cost per session would be £30. This to make the group as affordable and as inclusive as possible.
There would be around 10 sessions per group, but that might vary.
There would be no requirement to attend all the sessions of the group. We would want participants to participate in as many sessions as possible but we know that can be difficult.
Over 18 years of age only.
Each member would be required to sign a therapy contract to confirm commitment to the process; respect for other members; privacy and confidentiality; homework between sessions and supportive collaboration.
There will be an agreed group charter which will define the ground rules for the group, developed by the group. Everyone should feel welcome and supported.

What are the benefits to me of this group?

The advantages of group therapy are:

It has been proven to help people faced with a wide range of wellbeing issues.
The cost is less than for one-to-one therapists
It can be a useful intermediate stage for anyone waiting for an NHS CBT appointment.
The focus is not on any one individual.
Participants get a chance to contribute to the growth and well being of others.
People can see they are not the only ones facing certain kinds of challenges.
It can provide an effective combination of supportive collaboration from others facing challenges and specialist insight and guidance from a professional therapist.
It can provide an easy way of exploring whether or not more focused one-to-one therapy is right for you.
People who have benefited from some counselling in the past and who want a 'top-up' can do so without a burdensome commitment.
It can be a source of fun and enjoyment as people share their experiences, successes and near misses.
It can help individuals gain confidence in discussing mental health issues in a 'safe space'.
Group CBT can be really effective including for people who are initially skeptical. See here for discussion of this:

Where can I find out more about Group CBT generally and how it might work for me?

Further information on why Group CBT works can be found here.

Where and when will the sessions take place?

The sessions will take place in our consulting rooms in central Chorley, Lancashire.

We expect the sessions to be early evening and take place once a week. They are likely to start in late April / early May.

Full details will be sent out in advance to all participants.

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