Ready-made house project in Rotherham

Total area:__________91.7 m2
Living area:___________53.3 m2
Wall material:___________ 1st floor: fbs railway blocks
2 floors: aerated concrete
Foundation:______________ Monolithic plate B20 with reinforcement of 500 mm
Floor of the 1st floor:_____________ Screed 50 mm +insulation 50 mm
Inter-storey overlap:___ hollow w / w plates
Attic floor:_____ wooden beams
Ceiling height:___________1 floor-2.78 m
2nd floor-2.78 m
House dimensions:____________8.8 m x 7m
Number of rooms:________ 3
Balcony: yes

Swimming pool: no

Garage: no

Attic: no

Wall Material: Aerated Concrete

Facing material: Decorative plaster

Style: Modern

Terrace: yes

Technical room: yes

Ground floor: no

Number of floors: 2

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