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Parquet Wood Floor Sanding in Hengoed

15 weeks ago


My floor looks a mess I think it may be too bad to sand. ??

Most of floors we see are bad, most haven't seen the light of day for years, and when they have they have been neglected. Sanding a floor strips away layers of wood; around 3mm is taken off to reveal a clean surface. Yes it will come up as new; we don't stop sanding until it does.

How long does a floor take to do?
An average size room say 14 by 12ft or 4.5m by 4m will take a couple of days, depending on the condition and the amount of repairs that are needed.

What benefits do sanded floor have?
Finished Floors are hygienic, practical and very stylish , they do not harbour parasites like carpets do and they are virtually maintenance free .Very easy to clean, they do not have funky odours from the previous occupants pets or tobacco, wood is also a great heat conductor, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Do you use a quality floor varnish?
We want your varnish to give your floors year and years of protection, we do not use any of the varnishes found in D.I.Y shops or stores. We use only high quality professional varnish produced by Leading supplier Bonakemi. Its water based, has very little odour and gives a beautiful hard wearing finish. This varnish is sold exclusively to us direct from Bonakemi.

When will I be able to use the floor?
An average room with floorboards without gaps filled takes a full day. As our varnish is quick drying you can walk on the floor about 8 hours after its last coat, light traffic and ideally wearing just socks. However it takes an extra couple of days for the varnish to fully cure to its peak hardness so we advice this before placing furniture on the floor.

We are a hotel wanting floor sanding. How do you deal with the need for customers to continually walk on the floor?
We are able, by arrangement, to work weekends and/or overnight and, if need be, we can separate sections of a floor and barrier tape off, to avoid any footfall whilst the floor is being renovated. This applied to most commercial public environments. We are more than happy to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

Who will do the work?
We will send a trained operative to come and give you an estimate completely free of charge. It will usually be the same operative who turns up on the day to do the sanding works.

Should I be decorated before or after?
Simple answer to that question is decorate first. What we would ask is that the last coat of paint to go on the skirting board is applied after we have done the floor.

How do I book you to do my floor?
Drop us a line via phone or e-mail with the dimensions of the room/s. We can give you a cost based on your measurements. If the price seems reasonable we will send a trained operative to come and give you an estimate completely free of charge. We then e-mail or post the written estimate which is both detailed and comprehensive. Our rates are always competitive and we can start the works within days of the quotation.

Will it be very dusty?
We are professionals working in your house and we will always respect that. Our machines are of the latest technology and have excellent dust extraction units. We mask up the gaps on wardrobes and cupboards, in a hallway, we put a sheet up around the stairwell to stop dust spreading.

Is there any dust?
The service is, in the main, Dust Free Sanding, however, if your floor requires more brutal floor sanding to remove stubborn areas, then other machinery may need to be used and in this case, slight dust should be expected. We suggest that provisions are made regardless.

What to do with pets when having your floors sanded?
Its best to have pets vacate the property whilst the work is taking place or at the very least, have them contained in a separate room. We are a floor sanding company, however if catteries or kennels are not an option for you, we can, by prior arrangement look after your pets with our floorsand dog sitting service and cat sitting service, whilst the work is taking place. They'll get all the care and attention they love. There is no charge for this service but we do ask their food be supplied.

How soon after can I walk on a newly sanded and varnished floor?
This depends on the type of floor lacquer used. We have acid catalysed lacquers that are dry in around 15-20 minutes and this can vary up to around 1-2 hrs, but we do recommend its left overnight. After this, albeit the room can be used, there is a curing period.

What area of the country do you provide the floor sanding service?
We primarily provide our floor sanding services in Cardiff Newport & Valleys

We're not sure whether to have sanded floors or carpets. What's the most cost effective?
Wooden floors have become extremely popular in domestic environments in recent years, but they've obviously always been around. Apart from the general look and the warmth, this is predominantly down to the durability aspect of a floor, hence floor sanding in Hotels, floor sanding in Churches, floor sanded Dance Floors, floor sanding in Schools and school Halls, Gyms etc. always have wooden floors. Since double glazing, insulation and central heating, wooden floors have soared even more in popularity and because of their durability, offer a far more cost effective option to carpets.

I've got paint splashes on the wooden floor, can you remove this when floor sanding?
Yes, don't worry about this, the floor sanding machines are able to lift this as part of the sanding process. The same applies with staples on the wooden floor. Nails or screws are best removed or hammered in and perhaps countersunk. We will check your wooden floor before proceeding with the work.

There's black (or brown) paint round the edges of the floor - what is this, and can it be removed?
Before the days of fitted carpets, it was customary to have a central rug and to paint a bitumen type product around the edges of the room. This was usually in black or brown. When sanded, it immediately turns into a liquid tar-like product and, in doing this, quickly clogs the sanding belt/discs. The bitumen can be removed but here may be a small premium payable to cover the additional cost of materials. Please be aware that, in some cases, there may be a very slight difference in tone. This is because the wood underneath the bitumen has not been exposed to the same levels of air/moisture the remaining floor has.

What colour will my wooden floor be after you've completed the floor sanding and varnished?
The colour that your wooden floor will end up is hugely dependent upon the age of the floorboards/wooden floor and an indication of this is by the width of the planks.
Narrower boards of, say, 5 inches are comparatively newer than wider floorboards and, therefore lighter when varnished and the older floor boards of, say, 6-8 inches and over, are generally older and, therefore darker

In some instances where liming or whitening is desired, it is advised to be very careful. Some home renovation/interior design magazines illustrate these types of floors as part of room sets. In most cases, these floors have been laid specifically for these room sets, using new or handpicked floorboards. They are subjected to various photographic retouching techniques and have been optimised by use of photographic lighting effects etc. In most real cases, floorboards are not as perfect as this, and, therefore, do not turn out as refined as this.

What about badly damaged or rotten floorboards?
So long as are aware of these, we will come to site with reclaimed boards to suit and will replace these.

I have asthma. Is it better to have sanded wooden floors?
Yes. Dust mites are responsible for many asthma related conditions and allergies and the obviously live in carpets and sot furnishings. Dust mites are significantly reduced by having wooden floors and are, therefore, ideal for asthma sufferers, as well as providing a far healthier environment. Rugs, etc. can be washed or dry cleaned to kill any dust mites.

I have a piano and/or grandfather clock and/or heavy furniture, which we can't move. Can you help us with this if we have out floor sanded?
Whilst we ask you to remove all items for the room being sanded, we are happy to assist in moving more bulky pieces of furniture upon the request. Every care is taken when doing this, but, unfortunately, our insurances do not cover us for any damage that does occur, we would not be able to cover the repair or replacement of the item. Items like pianos and grandfather clocks are generally moved minimally, to avoid disturbing any delicate mechanisms, and we have a process that we use to floor sand and varnish in, around and under these items.

I have a concrete hearth. Can you do anything with this?
Yes, we are able to remove a top section of the concrete and prepare it to have reclaimed boards installed. There is an additional cost for this. Please mention this when requesting a quote.

Will you remove my carpets?
Yes, we can arrange a carpet removal company upon request. Commercially, we are charged at refuse sites for disposing of trade waste and, therefore, a minimal charge is made for this service.

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