8mm Laminate Flooring Koala Grey. £24.89. Price £13.45 / 1m1 Square meter in Cardiff Caerdydd

For a floor with modern appeal that offers a tone which can truly go with just about anything, Koala Grey Laminate fits the bill. Its soft shade of grey and subtle grain not only pair well with most interior styles, but its lighter tone is ideal for brightening up your room, bringing a sophisticated and modern look. To add to this contemporary appeal, each board has a square edge profile that gives the finished floor a smooth look. Thanks to its click fitting system, Series Woods 8mm Laminate Flooring Koala Grey is incredibly DIY friendly, meaning even amateur DIYers can bring this look into their home.

This floor is set to make an impression in your home with the classic dimensions of the planks (1200mm x 193mm) that will help a room to feel not only brighter but bigger as well. With its AC3 wear rating, this floor can offer great style and reliability throughout your house, especially in living rooms and bedrooms, though it is not suitable for bathrooms.

1.85m2 Pack Size.

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David Hayter
Jun 2021
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