Smoke Smell Removal | Mould | Fumigation in Stowmarket


Our machines will fumigate your house to kill all fleas, mites, bacteria, viruses and mould spores. Full oxidation and breakdown of smoke smell compounds to all surfaces.

All rooms and spaces of the house can be treated - simply plug in, turn on and leave the sealed, unoccupied room or whole house. 60-120 minutes later, open windows to vent while the natural gas breaks down into oxygen.

It is a highly effective sterilisation of a whole house, quickly and cheaply, without nasty substances remaining.

Full operation and best practices are included with the rental of the machine. Site call out and treatment of whole house by a technician is available for £170.

Vehicle fumigation available.

Contact us with your specific requirements, which may include physical cleanup/painting services.

A full service of specific area cleaning, removal of contaminated items, fumigation and then painting is available.

Please call or email,

Thank you!

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