rendering machine palster sparayer stucco in Westminster

for wall and for ceiling stainless steel first quality
for purchase you can find our shop in Google write GAMANBAY OR DIRECTLY IN EBAY.

A great step forward has been made towards mechanisation of the building industry with REDUCTION IN LABOUR COSTS for plastering civil and industrial buildings.

A SAVING OF 50% is easily made without employing specialized workmen, since the plaster sprayer, operated even by an unskilled worker, plaster surfaces with greater adhesion than was ever possiblewith manual application.

A workmen, with a supply of material handy, can easily coat an area of 650 sq. ft. with a 1/3 ins, tick plaster, of any kind, using a plaster sprayer.

Even very thin layers of plaster may be applied with the plaster sprayer thus cutting down cost, reducing waste and speeding up plastering operations.

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