Boiler & Insulation Grants in Luton

Boiler & Insulation Grants
About Us:
The boiler grants ( is an ultimate platform where customers can find energy efficient ways of their homes' internal heating system. We utilize modern techniques to make sure that the carbon emission is reduced. Bearing in mind, the Green deal and eco, we have taken the initiative to build awareness among people how they can actually get benefits from these deals presented by the government of UK.
We take energy saving measures whilst ensuring the efficient working of your boiler insulation. Our aim is to generate renewable resources by utilizing the already existing resources in an effective manner.
1.Boiler Replacement:
We can help you to replace the present boiler with an A rate Energy economical ( boiler. Having an A rated appliance would reduce the consumption of fuels. This facility leads to the reduction in emissions of carbon. If you don't wish to pay the complete value for the boiler all at once, however instead want to unfold the cost or you're unable to pay the boiler replacement fee, we can facilitate you by an interest-free boiler for one year on a spread of pay-monthly finance plans. You can spread the price of your choice even at 0% interest. This allows you to buy your boiler in straightforward monthly installments with zero interest added, if you pay the complete quantity among the full interest-free one-year period.
2.Cavity Wall Insulation:
If your home was designed in 1930's, it's possible that you just have walls with open cavities - a serious supply of warmth loss for several buildings. With our cavity wall insulation,( most styles of walls will be insulated a way or another. The wall Insulation is out and away from the foremost effective method for reducing carbon emissions, at the side of loft insulation, and serving to owners economize on their energy bills. It benefits the users as:
Free of cost
Cost saving
Reduced strain on the boiler
Easily installed
Reduced carbon emissions
Improved energy rating

3.Energy Assessment:
The energy options (i.e. boiler, lighting, variety of glazing, etc.) are assessed by a licensed Energy tax assessor. The measures are then used to generate an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ( which is developed under the government-approved software.
We can provide hive heating controls application that can help you control your thermostat even when you are out on a holiday.
Loft Insulation:
We help you insulate the loft ( by reducing the quantity of warmth lost from your roof - reducing the amount of fuel you wish to burn for heating and saving you money. Once your house is heated, loads of that heat escapes through the roof, each through physical phenomenon and convection. It is also free of cost, reduces strain on the boiler. And can be installed easily. There are several other benefits that you can get your hands on, once you acquire our loft insulation services.
ECO 3 Scheme:
According to Government's Energy Company Obligations (ECO) ( you can save money in your energy bills. Insulation Grant is in partnership with Energy firms and has access to the present ECO funding. To qualify for access to this funding, the home-owner has to be in receipt of 1 of the qualifying advantages so as to access the funding and will have a boiler in more than 6 years.

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