Psychic telephone Consultation (I call you!) in Ealing

Hi, my name is Eleanor. U.K. based reader 'Up North' in Lancashire.
I have been a natural psychic for as long as I can remember, and have read both on National and International platforms for some 15+ years. All my readings are assisted through Spirit.

I will give you true messages and insights; past, present and future including any clarification or validation you need. I have been reading as a Psychic for many years now, it's what comes naturally to me. I'm also blessed with Clairsentient ability. I can tune into you and other peoples emotion and energy to do with you. I will give you insight, clarity and help to find your future pathway. I specialise in Soul mate and Twin Flame connections, general readings, love and relationships and future predictions. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

I give a warm, genuine and very private service and offer a 30 minute reading for £95. I can only accept instant bank transfer which those details I will give once your telephone number is provided and we have booked a suitable and convenient time for me to call you. (Please ensure you are in a quiet comfortable space with no distractions)

Please take a look below at the most recent client feedback on my previous platform work.
I look forward to receiving your message soon. L&L Eleanor x

Jay1722Rated: 5
She said I was going to see POI in three days. Said it was going to be spontaneous & I was skeptical since I haven't heard from this person in a while. Well today is the 3rd day & I was invited to a party that I choose to not attend but POI will be there. Eleanor was correct regardless!

AnonRated: 5
It's only bumble bee. The fellow reader. Fanx you so much for tuning in to my spooks as I call um and letting me no that spirit are proud of wot I'm doing on here to help others and I've chosen the right path and I will keep Was lovely and a rite giggle. Your a gorgeous soul xx

AnonRated: 5
Eleanor, I am so grateful to you and blessed to have talked to you today. You have restored my hope in my soul mate and the situation overall. You are amazing, truly. I appreciate your kind and honest insight. Without my saying a word, you understood everything. I love that you work forward. : )

K100Rated: 5
Eleanor is an amazing reader, immediately tuned into what is going on in my life and got the people down to a tee and picked up on my doubts regarding an individual. Eleanor is such a lovely and straight talking reader I would definitely recommend her.

EddRated: 5
Hi Eleanor Thank you for your lovely reading for me today. I can not stress enough how great Eleanor is with predictions and picking up on my situation Many Thanks Edd

StewartRated: 5
First reading today with Eleanor. Very intuitive reader, warm and friendly and picked up on the relationship points straight away. Feeling more confident about the future and look forward to speaking with Eleanor again.

oRated: 5
She is Amazing! Predictions come to light exactly on the date she said!

AnonRated: 5
Highly recommend this lovely lady..very quick to tune in with me and gave a very accurate reading..await the prediction made for September..was well worth the wait.. Many thanks Eleanor ..L&L xx

DeeRated: 5
I have had two readings from this lovely lady. Twice she has blown me away with her insight her predictions. The names of people around myself and places of names etc and her predictions are just phenomenal. Eleanor is a very gifted reader and very in tune. I'm still in shock at her accuracy. Amazed

EdRated: 5
Just had a lovely reading from Eleanor she is friendly made me feel comfortable and picked up all my situation straight away. I cannot express just how impressed I was with Eleanor. She is Definitely very talented and a special person

Vintage PosyRated: 5
Thank you Eleanor for another beautiful amazing reading. I feel blessed to have had another spiritual reading with you. You tap in.....and then clarity. Blessings Always.

Virgo Rated: 5
Eleanor always manages to pick up in what is troubling me with my situation. She is able to clarify messages that I get that confuse me and give me guidance as to how to move. Her predictions are always on point.

AmyRated: 5
First time speaking with Eleanor. What a gift she has. I was stunned and had goosebumps...she immediately picked up on somebody I have been thinking of For years. Thank you for such an amazing reading and many blessings to you Eleanor

Vintage PosyRated: 5
What an Amazing reader who is beautiful within as well as without. Eleanor really does not know how amazing she is, 6 out of 5 Thank you for sharing your spiritual awareness with me. God Bless.

VirgoRated: 5
An amazing reader. Picks up instantly on what you really want to know much less your situation, ( even though i was trying to avoid it). It was on my mind. Predictions came to pass as predicted. Contact was made on the dates she said they would. Considering the circumstances I was shocked. Thanks

AnonRated: 5
OMG!! i have had many readings..but this one was the best i have ever had..if your lucky enough to get a reading from this lovely gifted lady you will not be disappointed..she is Amazing!!! she picked on the very question i had on my mind..without me given her any info..lots of lov Aly x

dee_dRated: 5
I decided to give Eleanor another call back as her predictions and insight for myself was phenomenal the last time. How she managed to tune in without any information and getting information, such as birth months, names and so forth so correct. Well what I can say she did it again, an amazingggg reading, I had a question about my house and she got the numbers in my post code correct! I was left so shocked! I know she is the real deal as I have had many readings from this site with many readers. I truely believe that the insight seen and the predictions given will come to fruition in due course. Looking forward to a catch up in near future. Thanks again xx

Honeybee123Rated: 5
Eleanor tuned in to my situation immediately and the information she gave kept flowing with no prompting. If you are lucky enough to get a reading with this lovely lady you will not be disappointed. I have been smiling now for two days since my reading so thank you Eleanor you are a true ray of sunshine :)

dee_dRated: 5
Wow what a wonderful reading, all I told her was my name, and the information just came flowing. I just said I wanted a general reading, but deep down there was a question i wanted to know an answer too. I was shocked how she had picked up on that very question on my mind and how she linked in. She even got my birthday month and my star sign right without myself telling her my date of birth. She even advised when my little one was born. just amazing she even give guidance and predications which other readers have predicted. Defiantly worth the call and definitely worth every money spent as she is really talented and good at what she does. Thank you for a beautiful reading and the insight xx

JrmiaRated: 5
Absolutely love talking to her. She predicted a lot of good things coming my way one of which has come true today. Couldn't be any more thrilled. Can't wait for rest of her predictions to come true asap. Love her so much ! She's an angel

Kaye100Rated: 5
Eleanor is astoundingly accurate, she picked up on my situation, the individuals involved and gave me detail only I knew, all of this without me saying a word. I cannot recommend Eleanor highly enough.

Kaye100Rated: 5
Eleanor is astoundingly accurate, she picked up on my situation, the individuals involved and gave me detail only I knew, all of this without me saying a word. I cannot recommend Eleanor highly enough.

CustomerServicesRated: 5
Eleanor (PIN 400040) "Very intuitive reader. Gave me a vital, deeply moving piece of information right off the bat, even before I asked my question. Then went on to give a very accurate, insightful reading of my situation. Lovely to talk to. Highly recommended." - KWP

Erika1322Rated: 5
Eleanor's reading was so accurate she picked up on the situation and was able to advise me on what action to take. She is really on point, highly recommended. Thank you Elenor!

Erika1322Rated: 5
Eleanor's reading was so accurate she picked up on the situation and was able to advise me on what action to take. She is really on point, highly recommended. Thank you Elenor!

siobhantRated: 5
Had an amazing reading from Eleanor she read for me 5 years ago and had wanted another reading for a long time! She was worth the wait! Picked up on so much without asking, she tuned in right away. The reading was positive and left me feeling at ease. Beautiful lady inside and out! Love and light Siobhan xxx

JrmiaRated: 5
Just had a reading with her. She's so so nice I can't describe in words. Can't wait for her predictions to come true. Will call her again soon.

eandrea30Rated: 5
brilliant reading picked up on my situation without any questions will update on prediction xx

BabylasvegasRated: 5
Eleanor was right on in seeing my past, and future. She picked up the energy without any information from me, and is correct.

Cash265Rated: 5
Loved my reading! I was literally blown away by the first words you told me and the fact you picked up so much without me saying anything was amazing. Very highly recommend, thank you so much! Speak to you soon x

CustomerServicesRated: 5
Thank you for my reading Eleanor. Your insight and validations surrounding my situation was amazing. I felt so much more at peace after my reading, as I found you to have a calming effect on me. I look forward to your predictions as I know from my previous reading with you that you were spot on re predictions. Look forward to speaking to you again. Amazing reader who I would highly recommend, will not give you any false hope. A x x

tristinyRated: 5
Thank you Eleanor for your guidance and insight you are amazing you picked up so much on my situation very quickly and gave me a lot of reassurance and inspiration such a lovely person to speak to God Bless You Yvonne xxx

ericalRated: 5
Had a lovely reading with Eleanor everything she said about my relationship was correct and about me moving. Glad you are back Eleanor thank you x

tristinyRated: 5
Just to let you know things have happened this week exactly as you said they would even the date you said he would get in contact with me and what you told me he would say you are truly amazing with your predictions names and dates you are such a lovely person to talk to and so gifted you have certainly inspired me as I am sure you will others God Bless You xx

CristineRated: 5
Had another reading with Eleanor and she is still amazing. Very fast at tuning into the whole situation and so friendly and helpful. I am hopeful that all will turn out just as she has told me. But have a while to wait still. I do a lot of waiting! She is a lovely person and a really good reader. Accurate on situations and characters xx

beanadRated: 5
Blown away by this lady. really. She knew things that she couldn't possibly have known. I was speechless. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Eleanor.

fairgraceRated: 5
Was so pleased to finally have a reading with Eleanor today. And it was such a wonderful reading. Had been feeling very unsure of things in my life just now and Eleanor has given me clarity on a lot of things which has settled me down so much. Eleanor never asked me any questions as she picked up on my situation straight away. Eleanor you are a very gifted lady and i will be in touch with you again. Thank you for your wonderful reading today. Love and Light to you. Lynn xx

tristinyRated: 5
Sorry we got cut off before I had time to thank you for a lovely reading picked up quickly on my situation extremely accurate I would certainly recomend a ready with this lady x

tristinyRated: 5
Thank you Eleanor for a lovely reading sorry we got cut off before I had a chance to thank you picked up on my situation very quickly your accuracy is amazing and very reassuring. A lovely person to speak to would highly recommend a reading with this lady x

ranirubbleRated: 5
Sorry I had to rush of the line the other day. What a beautiful soul you are! Even though very brief call all info you gave correct. Have been looking to se when you on and will defineately try to catch you soon. xxx

dragonaRated: 5
superb reader!! For me, the best one on this site. She blew me away with names, iinitals of the relevant people, described the situations and the 'culprits' perfectly. Stayed on an extra hour and it was worth every minute and was fun too. Thanks A xx

ybird26Rated: 5
Eleanor you were brilliant. You knew my situation without me giving the information and the messages from him came through when you predicted. Hoping the rest will come true. will keep you posted. Thanks so much. xx

angel princessRated: 5
Had such a great reading today, what a lovely gifted lady. I will defientely be coming back for another reading soon. She gave me dates to look forward too. Tuned straight into my situation, thank you so much for the clarity you gave me, fantastic lady :)

jbabbb123Rated: 5
Eleanor is the most amazing reader.Feel like ive known her for years.Gave predictions and names.If your lucky enough to catch her u wont be disapointed.I personally think she is the best on here by far! Thanks eleanor will try and get u again soon! Jo xxx

CristineRated: 5
Hi Eleanor Am sure I wrote a review last night but its not come up. I was really pleased I had a reading with you. Oh it was so funny too that we got the giggles so bad! You brightened my evening. Will contact you again. I can highly recommend you xxx

CristineRated: 4
Hi Eleanor. I really enjoyed your reading for me, even though we both got the giggles so much! So funny! Will def ring you again in new year. I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thankyou so much and I have hope now. xxx

dee0808Rated: 5
the date range for contact that Eleanor gave in my last reading did happen. Just had another reading and once again Eleanor picked up on people from my past and present - giving personal details no one else could know - She is busy and not easy to get hold of but definitely worth the wait - dee

dee0808Rated: 5
eleanor is amazing - she can give names which are known only to you - she is so gifted. She has given a date which I will wait for and let you know the outcome dee08

dee0808Rated: 5
eleanor is amazing - she gave names which are so relevant - even to the name only I use for someone - she has given a date when this person will contact me. It is only a few weeks away so I will certainly be in touch about this. Doreen

joadbebe1Rated: 5
Hi Eleanor just ad a reading with u I cant believe the connection the things u picked up were remarkable.WOW how could u know so much.U av a true gift!Ur Fabulous 2 say the least!Thanks My friends will b in touch as I will b again soon!Thanks with lv Jo x

debs40sRated: 5
Just truly amazing - many thanks xx

siobhantRated: 5
Well what can i say eleanor is by far the best reader on this site trust me! i have had several readings from her n always will go back because shes predicted names dates and things which have all came through!! as well as being so lovely! luv her x x x x

garderrdavidboiRated: 5
a very wonderful lady, positive energy and says it from the heart . A truly genuine and postive reader and a true friend.God bless you.David

louise2201Rated: 5
Eleanor, I've had several readings with you these past few months regarding a complicated situation and you never fail to give me insight and clarification. You are a warm and gifted reader. Thank you! Love n light - Lou xx

P***Rated: 5
Dear Eleanor, just had a reading with you and had such a strong connection! I was a bit shocked when you named the initial of the person I was concerned about. You've described everything as if my close friend talking to me. Thank you so much for healing!

AtlantisRated: 5
Great reading today, you were able to pick up on what was happening around me and my life at the moment. Thank you for your help and kindness and I will let you know how things go. Love & Light xx

Jupiter1Rated: 5
It was delightful to speak to you again, your charming warm personality has an immediate calming effect. I have every confidence in the predictions you have given me and your readings are truly cosmic. You are an extraordinary and beautiful person.

lydia11Rated: 5
once again,this lady is amazing,very sensitive,empathic reader. Right before you open your mouth she already knows things that nobody else would.she will really put your mind at rest. Give her a call,you will be happy that you did.

zahirakramRated: 5
Got the initial correct for the person in mind. Picked up on so much without being prompted. Lovely reader.

diamond1Rated: 5
Eleanor is a great reader very gifted. I cant wait for the predictions will update you shortly. Thanks love and light. Stacey x

rinapromiseRated: 5
Amazing reader.Picked up on the situation straight away.No questions asked.Straight to the point,honest and very accurate.Lovely woman,very understanding.Have been given dates for predictions will give you an update.Thank you,fantastic reading.Rinax

babzy123Rated: 5
hiya yep he contacted me alrite before the actual date predicted! tho, you have said your prediction date still stands so we will see and i will updated on the sequence of events after that and light xxx

helsbelsRated: 5
Please,please,ring Eleanor.She is just amazing -truly gifted,delivering messages with such accuracy and sensitivity. A charming lady who has helped me SO much over the past weeks.Thank you so much Eleanor for restoring my faith are an Angel!Helen x

JimboWRated: 5
Had my second reading today with Eleanor and , as before, she is a very warm, kind and caring reader who provided me with hope and inspiration. Thanks Eleanor, you are (as always) a star! :-)

garderrdavidboiRated: 5
what more can i say about this wonderful lady, she is indeed a true friend and an excellent reader. she's always spot on and a positive reader.A genuine and honest reader.God bless you.David

iman_12218Rated: 5
Eleanor is brilliant reader, she gave me exact dates which came true! I'm so happy with the readings i have had. She is a lovely women. Thank You. Love, Iman.

jewlsRated: 5
Thanks you for our hour long reading we just had tonight. You have been very accurate when I spoke to u the first time, and ur prediction did come true. I now look forward to your big prediction which is to marry my bf. Thank u for ur help. Kaj :)

jupiter1Rated: 5
It was wonderful speaking to you today. You have a special, warm and reasuring way of telling things. I certainly felt a lot better after discussing my situaton with you and i'm now more hopeful for the what lies ahead. I would recommend you highly. Jeff.

lydia11Rated: 5
eleanor is the best reader here.she picks up straight away on feelings and situations without asking any questions or being given any tips.she gets names and places and tells you the truth. I am really looking forward to her predictions.

debs40sRated: 5
Lovely reading, had the situation perfect!!!, has cleared up alot of confusion for me, many thanks xx

babzy123Rated: 5
your predictions coincide with that of other great readers on here, as do your timings, you should be a counsellor as you have the warmth and empathy for it along with the positivity needed to uplift people- it works- feel loads better talking to you l&l

babzy123Rated: 5
hi its scorpio sam, thanks for all the readings we have been having, i look forward to september 19th and all the other lovley things you have said. u are honest, kind and delivers your messages with accuracy and warmth.

ceejayRated: 5
lovely straight to the point reader - immediately picked up on the background to my situation. If only the reality mirrored the background (in my situ) but I will wait patiently and see what happens. also an honest and sincere reader. would recommend :-)

siobhantRated: 5
Eleanor is by far the best reader on ask the answer! that was my second reading with her and she picked up on so many aspects i was yet again amazed and what a lovely reader very genuine loved it il be calling again! thanks so much x x x

JimboWRated: 5
Not only did Eleanor provide a very accurate set of validation and predictions, she did so with warmth, kindness and understanding. What a wonderful and gifted person.

garderrdavidboiRated: 5
eleanor is easy and fun to talk to/with she reassures me and i always come out of every reading uplifted.she deserves every bit .May God bless her and us all.Amen.lots of love David

babzy123Rated: 5
hi eleanor, 2nd reading, predictions and validations still the same, reading was very uplifting and positive. made me feel reassured and confident, will leave testimonial again when predictions come through x

Sean jRated: 5
Hi Eleanor, You aer amazing, you have given me the best reading ever. I look forward to getting another reading from you. Lots of Love Sean. xx

irishladyRated: 5
Lovely reader, has given me reassurance for the future, thanks Elanor L & L xx

soul2Rated: 5
eleanor, what a beautiful uplifting reading...your positive and loving energy left me feeling calm and warm inside....thankyou beautiful soul... blessings to you always...^j^....xx...

BidabaraRated: 5
Wow this lady is AMAZING :-) I have been trying to get this lovely lady for ages, got her finally third time lucky this morning,thanx so much Eleanor for the wonderful reading you gave me, l will let you know how it all goes. Love n light Barbara xx

FirehorseRated: 5
So you know, both songs apply in every sense! You're a gift to this site and the callers lucky enough to speak to you. You've changed my days from dark to having an horizon, can't wait to share my news when it happens. T.O.U. px

firehorseRated: 5
Eleanor was very quick to pick up on a couple of areas in my life. She is compassionate and has a beautiful nature with eyes to match! Im sorry I digress, I will be in touch again hopefully with the outcome predicted.

siobhantRated: 5
omg shes amazin wat a reading !!! cant believe how much she knew wat a girl get a reading! thanks so much eleanor x x x x x

hantelleRated: 5
Had my 2nd reading the Eleanor and as always she was spot on and tuned into my situation right away. Previous predictions have come true and i'll let you what happens in April ;-) x

sarahcarrRated: 5
Absolutely brilliant, Eleanor answered my question within the first few words out of her mouth without me saying anything at all. Lovely lady to talk to. Eleanor, i will call you and let you know how the 24th goes!!! Many many thanks. Sarah x x x

zahirakramRated: 5
Great reading. Felt very positive afterwards. Cant wait for another reading and waitng for the predictions. x

ericalRated: 5
Eleanor Thank you so much..You were spot on with everything you said about him no questions asked you just picked up on him straight away. I will let you know when he has contacted me..Thank you again for a wonderful reading. You are amazing. Erica xxx

phoenixchiRated: 5
Had a fantastic reading with Eleanor, she gave me the name of the person I wanted to know about, name of my ex, even the name of the road where I worked! Looking forward to predictions, will definitely use again. Highly recommended!! Thankyou Annette xx

cherry41Rated: 5
Thankyou Eleanor for a gifted reading . I have had many readings but with Eleanor she was spot on re my situation with no questions asked at all. I would recommend Eleanor 110% to anyone, please have a reading with her I will be back in a few months Cx

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