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World Renowned Psychic Leonora brings you 'Messages from the Angels', 'Guidance from the Spirit Guide' and accurate readings using my psychic abilities. My personal readings for Celebrities have been published in National Magazines and I have performed readings on live television and given personal readings to well known television personalities. Scroll down to find out more about me..

Personal Visits - I do the readings in my Motorhome so we arrange a mutually convenient place to meet up. The charge for this service is £30 for 30 minutes or £50 for 60 minutes. Payment is by cash, please make sure you have the right amount on the day. All other readings are through Paypal or Bacs.

Telephone Readings

All telephone readings are conducted by myself with the utmost confidentiality assured. You do not have to worry about your telephone bill as I call you if you are in UK and it is a landline.

20 Minute Telephone Reading £17
30 Minute Telephone Reading £25
40 Minute Telephone Reading £35

Email Readings

All the Email Readings are done by myself and I make sure that the readings are specific to you and your situation and accurate. Your reading can often be returned to you the same day, however, at times of high demand you should receive your reading within 3 days. Prices are in UK Pounds.

Free 1 paragraph reply to your question by email please order through the site it is a one off introductory reading.

Short Reading - half page 4.99
Detailed Reading - 2 pages 11.99
Extensive Reading - 4 pages 19.99

Live Chat Readings

This is a growing trend in Psychic Readings and becoming very popular with those who prefer to communicate from the comfort of the computer. This is competitively priced and there is no per message charge which means you will get more for your money.

Short Online Chat - 20 minutes 10.00
Detailed Online Chat - 30 minutes 15.00
Extensive online Chat - 60 minutes 30.00

Payment can be made via Paypal or Bacs. Please contact me for details.

***Please do not ask questions about loved ones who have passed over as this is not on offer. My readings are done through using Tarot Cards or Clairvoyance. ***

Text A Psychic.
Got a burning question? need a quick reply? get the answer today, purchase in bundles of 5 texts and use them when you need answers.

You can purchase text readings at 50p per text in batches of 5, please contact me first then I can give you further details.

can recall that since the age of 5 was aware of another dimension as I saw and 'felt' the presence of spirits around me. My intuititive ability seemed to come and go and I now recognise the coincidences and synchrinicity relating back on my life. As a teenager I was drawn to an old lady who read the tea leaves.

This lady introduced me to the spiritualist church in London and my ability became much clearer from that moment. I realised my curiousity was in fact my calling. It was a time of spiritual growth, tuning in and learning to become aware of of another dimension.

I met my Guru twelve years ago in the South West and she really helped me to make sense of my abilities. I learned to give and receive healing.

I learned to tune in to information being received from those around me I began to feel the emotions of the people I linked with. I saw images, colours and snippets of information relating to their past, present and future. Words would just pop into my mind and sometimes a scene would be displayed in front of me.

As I followed through a series of symbols and actions in the scene I relayed this information and found I was in fact doing an intuitive reading. I started to become aware that I was being guided, but, I could not quite put my finger on who was guiding me. I went to meditation groups and and learned to relax and to focus my awareness.
a mediumship reading over the telephone for a lady who had recently lost her husband. I had never met this lady I did not know anything about him until he came through to me. He gave me his name and then he went on to describe his wife who was having the reading.

He was very detailed in his description, hair colour, build, eyes, and what she was wearing and usual colours. What was so awesome about this? The lady told me that her husband had been blind since birth, and had never seen his wife when he was alive, so to describe her in spirit was very moving for her.

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