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This is nothing like what is seen on the TV and in the movies. THIS IS 100% GENUINE.

An introduction.

Energy is life, life is energy.

Do you want to know what your future may hold?
Are you worried about a relationship?
Concerned about your health?
Wanting to see how successful your business could be in the future?
Stressed about finances and work wanting to know how things will turn out?
Interested to know about past events that may be affecting you?
Want to know where a missing loved one could be?

Our introduction.
My friend Chris has an amazing gift and ability to be able to communicate with spirits and those that are missing. I don't know anyone else who can literally do what he can do.
With his highly advanced Psychometry abilities, he can hold an object that was once owned by the deceased, and he can lock on to that spirit and the spirit can directly communicate through Chris. Any questions can be asked, and the spirit through Chris will give the answers and Chris will relay them. He can even describe what the spirit looks like in great detail without seeing any photos. When he touches the object, the energy is what he then uses to connect. It is like magnetic as he tells me. It's like putting your finger in a live plug socket. He tells me that it is a better connection made that way. He even takes on the mannerisms and personality of the spirits. The way they speak the quirks of their character. Of course, this naturally can zap his energy as the spirits use his energy to communicate.
He talks to many spirits, and he has spoken to many well-known historical figures who are in spirit like Jesus, Winston Churchill, Mona Lisa, great composers and so on. The information he receives can rewrite the history books. It is truly amazing but of course seeing believing. I was rather sceptical at first, but we have tested this out with my partner whose ex-husband has passed away and a friend of hers. Chris contacted my partner's deceased husband by holding some of his objects. One was a cap if I recall correctly and the other a snooker cue in a case. It was an emotional experience for my partner because Chris had no clue what he looked like, and he described him perfectly without knowing and other things. He even named his children and his favourite alcoholic drink a certain ale.
He does not rely on any cold reading techniques no crystal balls tarot cards or other props. There is so much to say but I would like you to contact me because we can prove that there is life after death and Chris can demonstrate this very well using the Psychometry method and also even without using that method he can call on his spirit guides at any time to obtain information about who is living and who has passed over. The past present and the future and with that many secrets are sometimes revealed.
We as a team are here to do good and let others know that there is life after death.
Chris has had no education, and he doesn't even own a mobile phone or how to use one as he is useless on a computer. He lacks the knowledge to be able to know what he knows.
He can also see and know future events and can also be transported anywhere back in time. His stories of being in the trenches in the world wars are very fascinating when he is communicating the spirits of soldiers. He can also smell the surroundings of wherever he is allowed to see and experience like we do here.
There are major 3 factors of his ability.
Spiritual Sense of smell of an object
Spiritual Vision when touches he gets the visuals and sees the spirit who the smell belongs to and can communicate with them
Spiritual Sound when it all comes together.
Chris can smell the sweat the dirt and feel the energy of an object from a distance when it is close by. It is the sweat that retains the energy.
Also, he is shown a 4 to 5 second of what can only be described as watching a video clip of those who have passed on where there has been any wrongdoing, a crime committed he is able to see what has happened in all its detail. He can even smell the surroundings, and he is even allowed to see those who are alive to find their whereabouts if they are missing. Like a living satellite tracking device and then be transported to see where the person is and what they are doing. There is so much to say and this is all real I can assure you.
Chris could be a one-off as I have not come across anyone who can do what he can do in the way that he does and this is based on looking at others who claim to be psychic/mediums and some of those are well-known and some not so.

We are in the UK, in Wakefield, and we don't charge anything as we are not a commercial business outfit. Whoever comes to see us and is happy they can just leave a donation as a way of showing gratitude and appreciation.

You may leave not as a mere believer but one that truly KNOWS.
Chris with his truly amazing and incredible gift can help YOU. Don't delay contact us today.

Any questions feel free to ask anytime.

Thank you for looking
Chris and Andrew

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