A Different Way Of Living in Edinburgh

I want to show, 21 of you, a different way of living. Let me explain. I had a house, transport, more money than I knew what to do with and you know what? I was more depressed than anyone I knew. I learnt that I had to find my own truth as everytime I think the grass is greener I ended up eating sour hay.

So my own truth was to walk out on it all and travel the country with my dog. So that's what I have done since. Your truth may be something really different. But that's fine as I am only showing you the bones you have to flesh your own destiny out.

I spent to long of my life trying to do grand gestures to people I was told I should to and shuddering as I saw them wander off to do whatever. Now I do as I want and hurt no one. There will be a book available free for you when it is finished with much more detail.

This isn't a course or a lesson thing, all you have to do is talk and listen, not to me, but that also will be explained. There are rules to being part of this 21.

You must post daily and engage

You must stay within the boundaries of respect and understand that that your version of right and absolute is not gonna be anyone elses.

You will have a full Premium Membership to the site giving you full access to everything for life

If you want to you can join the WhatsApp and Discord groups.

Basically everything forever is free. If you do not post daily for over three days in a row or nine days in every year then I will remove and let someone else to join.

You must accept everyone and everything in your or that comes in to your life. And you must want freedom more than air itself.

If you want to be one of the 21 just email me and I will send you a questionnaire. Don't worry there is no wrong answers it's just so I can get a mix of beliefs.
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