RATMAN in Oxford


been doing this for many years ,
I will take out any vermin or any pest
the same day no matter what sort off vermin you have
same day or over afew days I will take out
no traps or any kind off bait
which I use a pcp air rifle 22,cal very quite with a pest control pellet
as I do belong to the uk forums fully licence ,also I do have a few farms that I go 2 and very highly rated on all the farms
and all the safety around the farmer land .
the rates are very cheap ,rats and mice over 5, days or nights £60
rabbits, (5) days day or( night ) but ? nights on this 1 £700 ,
squirrls (7) days day time £100,
pigeons per vist over 5 days or more £60
foxes per vist day or night per vist £204)
which I am very honist and will always clear all vermin from land ,and make sure I always check for live stock that all ok before and after I leave ,.

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