SAPUI5 / Fiori online training in Westminster

I am Srinivas having 15 years of experience in IT Field and 4 years into SAPUI5/Fiori. I have been providing training online to many students. If any one interested, I can provide training. The training in 40 hours duration. I provide weekend training or weekdays training. From 9 AM to 11:30 AM UK time during weekends and 5:00 PM UK time during weekdays. Training fee is 300 USD.

Below is the course content.

Hour 1Introduction to SAP UI5

Hour 2Creating simple UI5 application in SAP Web IDE

Hour 3XML
Java Script - session 1

Hour 4Javascript - session 2
Learning UI5 elements - session 1

Hour 5Changing the Behavior of Button, Input, Text, Label through coding

Hour 6Learning UI5 elements - session 2
Radio button
Radio Button group

Hour 7JSON
Creating Form using JSON and binding

Hour 8Internationalization

Hour 9 - 10Creating Table using related to mobile application and related to desktop application

Hour 11Message Box and Message Toast
Message Box - alert
Message Box - error
Message Box - success
Message Box - warning
Message Box - with Initial Focus
Message Box - with Details

Hour 12Learning UI5 elements - session 3
Select (Dropdown) - (single column & two column Layout)
Combo Box (single column & two column Layout)
Overflow Toolbar

Hour 13Form Validations
Setting Value state and value state text

Hour 14Creation of Containers
Generic Tile
Slide Tile
Standard Tile
Tile Container

Hour 15Fragment

Hour 16 - 17Icon Tab Bar

Hour 18 - 19Navigation one View to other View & Routing

passing single parameter
passing multiple parameter
in url
without url but using utililities

Hour 20Working with Eclipse

Hour 21 - 24Netweaver Gateway

Creating the oData services using CURD operation
C - Create
U - Update
R - Read
D - Delete

Hour 25 - 27Consuimg the oData services from WebIde

Read & Delete data from front end
Inster & update data from front end

Hour 28 - 35Fiori

Creating Fiori application
Launch Pad Configuration
Creating Catalogs & Tiles
Creating Groups
Creating Roles and assing the Catalogs & Groups to the Users
Registering to SAP IDEAS system & Configuration of sap ideas services in webide
Configuration of northwind gateway services in webide

Hour 35 - 40Creation of UI5 live project with some advanced concepts
Test Projects...
Adding sound files to UI5 applications
and more...

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