Elocution Lessons in Aylesbury



Do you know someone who speaks with clarity, impact and confidence? Want to sound the same? Elocution lessons will help you to achieve this.

What is elocution?

Elocution tuition is not about changing or modifying your accent. Elocution is about keeping your vocal identity but becoming clearer, vocally stronger and more impactful in conversation.

It is about improving the clarity of your voice and speech, increasing vocal impact and developing presence and confidence in your voice.

You can learn about:

Specific pronunciation issues with spoken English

Vowels and consonants, and difficult words and phrases

Using pitch, emphasis and rhythm in speech

Being clear in conversation

Communicating with confidence and impact

Getting your ideas across

Authenticity, personal connection and rapport with your listeners

Clarity, articulation, definition and fluency

Who is Ashley?

Ashley has been coaching for 10+ years.

He has an MA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He's a published author and mentor. He has a global client base and has worked with companies and individuals from Speedo, HSBC, Cisco, BBC, Kaspersky and many more...

Want to learn more?

Elocution lessons are available on-line via Skype or face-to-face in Waddesdon, UK. Click the link to visit his website or send an email or give him call.

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