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You want to become fluent in Greek, right?

Maybe you want to prepare for an upcoming travel or your greek ancestry pushes you finally to learn this historic language! Maybe you just love learning foreign languages and Greek seem ideal to you! Or even maybe your spouse is greek and you want to know what your greek parents-in-law tell about you! That's what all greek learners want!
But the majority never get there, it all seems Greek to them...

Because too many learners do the wrong things.
They continue using traditional methods even though these don't work. They sometimes look for the "magic" formula ( learn Greek in one week, one month etc.) but...
They become frustrated and go through cycles of learning, where they always seem to be starting to learn Greek...AGAIN!
Does this sound familiar?
If so, you are not alone.

Now, let me tell you five things about learning Greek.
These are five things that you NEED to know if you actually want to understand natives and speak at a high level.
Number One: There is no magic formula for becoming fluent in Greek and in any language whatsoever.
Number Two: Reaching a high level takes more time with Greek than you think.
Number Three: Traditional methods are NOT the answer - do NOT think that another grammar book or group course is going to make a difference.
Number Four: Learning comes from REPETITION. If you are trying to build a skill you are trying to rewire your brain, create new neural pathways. If you sit down for three hours and study study study and then come back a week later you are not gonna have it. But if you sit down for a half hour a day, walk away, come back the next day half hour you are getting to review what you did in a much shorter time span that's going to help you learn faster.
Number Five: This consistency requires much more WILL power. You will need a strong WHY you learn Greek, to keep motivated and dedicated when you are struggling with the learning process and you feel like quitting.
Sounds bad right?

Well, I may as well tell you that any human being who can be definite in his aims and plans can make life hand over whatever is wanted. I have the PLAN and I require from you to be definite and dedicated to your GOALS. At Alcibiades-Greek Online Lessons I do things differently! And I think you are going to like it!

Here is what's all about:
Greek Language has the longest documented history of any living Indo-European language and holds an important place in the history of the Western world.Greek is also the language in which many of the foundational texts in science, especially astronomy, mathematics and logic, and Western philosophy, such as the Platonic dialogues and the works of Aristotle, are composed; the New Testament of the Christian Bible was written in Koini Greek. Together with the Latin texts and traditions of the Roman world, the study of the Greek texts and society of antiquity constitutes the discipline of Classics.

Now is YOUR opportunity to become a part of the greek-speakers community!

Here at Alcibiades-Greek Online Lessons I show you what you need to do to reach a high level of Greek. I show you how you can take control of your learning, and give you everything you need to do to FINALLY make progress to Greek Alcibiades-Greek Online Lessons.

My students do the following:
They use methods that actually work
They learn how to read, write and speak Greek in a special highly interactive way
They take advantage of the virtual classroom which provides a student friendly environment for everybody, anywhere
They benefit from the flexibility that an online lesson provides
They take control of their learning and learn independently
They enjoy the journey and have lots of fun by using a variety of materials such as songs, videos, games etc
They make Greek a part of their life
They make amazing progress
Are you ready to stop wasting time on methods that don't work?
Are you ready to get on the road to Greek fluency?
If so, then book a lesson with me! I have the course package designed to fit your schedule, to help you accomplish your goals!


" ...! I am Alcibiades Peios, the creator of Alcibiades-Greek Online Lessons. I am a certified Greek teacher with a passion for Greek language, culture and Mythology. I am also registered as a teacher with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS, Reg.No:179786) and a PVG Scheme member (Reg. No:1708 2507 6333 0302) in respect of regulated work with children and adults. I have helped many students reach a high level of Greek and I want to help you, too!

Here is more about me...
I am from Greece but now live in Scotland,UK. After graduating "University of Aegean" in the beautiful island of Rhodes, I worked as a private tutor teaching Greek to kids and adults. Moreover I was a volunteer teacher of Greek as a foreign language to immigrants and their children.
At the moment I teach at the Greek School of Glasgow and I deliver private live and OnLine lessons. I am really keen on implementing new technologies ( I made my website by myself from scratch! ) in my teaching methods to make the sessions and the whole tuition more interactive and fun!

As a tutor, I am able to identify my students' learning styles and adapt my teaching methods to suit. For example, some students are step learners and tend to remember information that's presented in tables or charts, whereas other learners feel they're more effective when chat, discuss and argue.
That's why I offer you my " Learning Style Assessment " to find out which type of Learner are you! Yeah, that's right... I adapt my teaching and communication style to suit you, not the other way around because what works with somebody else doesn't mean it will work with you, as well.

I have a passion for studying the mind and human potential! I strongly believe that ANYBODY can speak ANY language, if motivated and provided with the right method! My vision is to significantly contribute in the spread of the greek language all around the world!

Learning a language can be challenging so I have the patience to explain new concepts and processes.I am a confident, patient, friendly and reliable individual who pays attention to not only academic but also emotional development, always placing students at the center of learning. I strongly believe that learning should be enjoyable and I ensure that my tuition is both personalised and active. I take time to build good working relationships with all my students as I think that happy and relaxed learners are successful learners.

I know and understand that you may be not familiar with the whole OnLine Tuition thing ( after all Internet is so new! ) so feel free to contact me for further inquiries about how everything works or even better schedule a FREE ( hidden cost ) to see everything in action!

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