Maths and Physics graduated tutor in Haringey


I am a patient person with an exhaustive experience about teaching Math and Physics to students from primary school to university.
My teaching experience starts 9 years ago when I began the Maths course at the University of Rome.
At the beginning my tutoring activity was just as homework assistant for primary school students.
At that time besides Maths (which is my main
subject) i was also helping students with their primary school science program.
After the first period, when my teaching method became more solid and effective, and i acquired a more complex and rigorous knowledge thank to my parallel studies on the subject, I started tutoring high-school students, as well as students from my own university and from other departments always belonging to the faculty of science.
At this level my tuition were focusing on:
Trigonometry, Calculus and Geometry for high-school students.
Regarding the advanced level students from University, I offered tuition on the following subjects:
1.Linear Algebra (Vector Spaces, Linear maps, Matricial Algebra, Linear equations...)
2.Analysis (Functions, Multivariable Calculus, Differentiation, Integration...)
3.Algebra (Group Theory, Modular arithmetic...)
4.Geometry (differential forms, Manifolds, differential geometry...)
5.Probability Theory and Statistics,

My price per hour is 20 pounds

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Matteo Abbondati
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