Keen to learn to sing, play piano, read music, write songs and more - I can show you the way. in Heathfield

Surprise Music Teaching

Music tuition incorporating:- Piano, singing, song writing, composition, music theory, understanding chord symbols, improvisation, practise skills, stage fright/performance nerves and perceived tone deafness.

Surprise Music Teaching allows for the learning and understanding of a wide range of musical skills (which can be used for pop, rock, jazz, etc.) providing a personalised approach to suit your musical needs. Surprise Music facilitates the musician within you and takes your musicality in the direction you would like it to go - connecting you with your creativity.

Piano/Keyboards:- The piano and keyboards are great for working on your songs and compositions. The piano covers the full range of all the orchestral instruments and is acoustic so it is particularly useful especially for singer/songwriters and composers. Maybe you would you like to learn to play, revisit your playing or perhaps widen your pianistic vocabulary?

Singing:- Would you like to learn to sing? Are you a singer already and would like to improve your skills? Have you always wanted to sing but have been told you can't or that you are tone deaf?

Song writing:- Are you wanting to write songs; maybe you have songs in your head but are not sure where to begin or you can't get them down? Are you already writing songs and would like to extend your knowledge or are just feeling 'stuck'? Perhaps you might want some help and guidance for ideas/songs that you have started but can't complete?

Composition:- Are you interested in writing instrumental music and in learning how to 'arrange/score' for different instruments? Do you want to learn how to write your music down clearly so that it can be played by others?

Harmony/Theory:- Does an understanding of the language of music, how it works and hangs together interest you? Do you want to develop music reading and writing skills?

Understanding chord symbols:- Are chord symbols a mystery to you would you like to understand what they mean and how to use them?

Improvisation:- Would you like to be able to learn how to improvise (spontaneous composition) and solo over chord sequences?

Practising skills:- Is getting down to practise and practising difficult for you. Do you find that what you are doing seems to make little improvement?

Stage fright/Performance nerves:- Do you find it difficult performing in front of friends/strangers and would like to perform with freedom and enjoyment? I work with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) often known as tapping which is very effective in releasing the anxiety that gets in the way of really enjoying performing

Tone deafness:- The label of 'tone deafness' is often given to people by music teachers who have assumed that everyone should know how to sing in tune! If this has been given to you don't despair In my many years of experience teaching I have not yet come across anyone who with guidance is not able to sing in tune. Mostly this is achieved very quickly.

If you are interested in any of the above and have answered yes to any of the questions, whether you are a beginner or more experienced I can help you realise your dreams. It's never too late.

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