Bass guitar, vocals, & music theory lessons tailored to you in Luton

Both professionally trained and self-taught, I take care to use methods that are most adapted to each individual. I know what it's like to drown in incomprehension when a teacher is overzealous, or to feel understimulated when the topic is dumbed down.

I have studied music since age nine when I joined a marching band as clarinetist. At 20, I went to study vocal performance with a focus on jazz and music production. I also happened to pick up the bass around then, and it has captured my heart ever since (am now 28). I have played with function bands and original artists as well as a studio session (which I hope to do much more of!).

I can teach you how chord progressions work (functional theory) in jazz and pop, advanced solfege, as well as reading and transcribing music both in treble and bass clef.

I take any job I do extremely seriously and would make sure to plan the lesson in line with your level and specific needs.

I would give you a cheap £10 lesson to start with and charge £30 per hour after that if you think I can help you achieve your goals.

I can travel to you within 10 miles of Luton city centre, or you can come to me. If I have to drive I will charge five pounds extra for fuel and parking costs but hopefully it will be near enough to cycle =)

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