Experienced Chemistry Tutor in Westminister and Camden in Westminster

Stop Struggling... Relive Anexity... Start Achieving Your Targets...

I can help you improve your Chemistry Grades and increase your interest in this subject.

One to One Home Tutoring services available for

**IB SL / HL Chemistry (also support in Course / Lab Works)
**IGCSE / GCSE Chemistry
** AS / A Level Chemistry (CIE, Edexcel, AQA, Pred U)
**Sabis Chemistry
**AP Chemistry
** Foundation Chemistry for College / University Students
**Chemistry I or II for College and University Students
** Organic and Analytical Chemistry for University Students.

A teacher with proven 24 years experience-- over 60,000 tutoring hours.

Customized Lessons to suit individual student's needs.

Revision of Fundamental Concepts so that students start participating actively in the current topic at school/college or University.

A teacher with Experience of Teaching Students from Leading UAE / UK / USA Schools, Colleges and Universities.

The class is possible at Students Residence in morning/ afternoon/evening on weekdays/weekend - one to one or in small groups.

Improvement Assured... Improvement Visible to Guardians / Students within one week.

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