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Seal Pups Sensory Swim School in Ely

22 weeks ago


My approach to my swimming lessons is sensory based and is focused on a gentle chid-led, fun and progressive method towards unaided swimming. This approach to swimming creates natural opportunities for freedom of movement in the water. This allows children to move more freely and learn how to swim, when they are both emotionally and physically ready.

The sensory approach introduces children into an environment which is led by themselves under guided play which is play that has a purpose. It develops social, cognitive physical skills and strong emotionally balanced children.

Parental bonds are enhanced and a strong trust is created using this sensory method. I teach movements that are both gentle and very effective for the development of survival skills and swimming, it creates lifelong enjoyment of water and prepares the children for when they are ready to move into independent swimming.

I am very passionate about my teaching and love seeing babies/children develop through the stages to becoming an independent swimmer.

I have two children, both girls aged 8 and 10 years old who have had swimming lessons from 6 weeks old. Their love for water is incredible and I believe every child should have the opportunity to discover and learn to swim in the way they did.

Children learn through their senses: Touch, Taste, smell, sound and sight so allowing discovery play creates these opportunities. Learning Through play builds happy confident children, allows them to make choices, make friends, take it in turns, test limits, take risks develop at their own pace and HAVE FUN!!

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