Voice Coaching in Aylesbury



Do you know someone whose voice is strong and resonant and clear? Want to sound the same?Voice coaching will help you to achieve this.

What is voice coaching?

Voice coaching and speech coaching is a practical form of coaching, that focuses on breathing, resonance and articulation. Voice is one of the ways in which we communicate ourselves - our thoughts, ideas and feelings.It can help anyone who is interested in freeing their spoken voice.

You can learn about:

Physical release, grounding and alignment

Breathing awareness, capacity, techniques

Voice quality

Resonance and range

Articulation and clarity exercises

Speaking with ease, filling a space

Reaching your listeners, projection

Detailed work on a speech, presentation or message

Developing authenticity

Personal connection and rapport

Sight-reading, using prompt cards, planning speeches

The art of public speaking

Overcoming phobia, nerves, fear and anxiety

Developing confidence

Voice coaching for teachers

Develop authority, confidence, range

Clarity and vocal stamina

Communication and presentation skills techniques

Who is Ashley?

Ashley has been coaching for 10+ years.

He has an MA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He's a published author and mentor. He has a global client base and has worked with companies and individuals from Speedo, HSBC, Cisco, BBC, Kaspersky and many more...

Want to learn more?

Voice coaching is available face-to-face in Waddesdon, UK. Click the link to visit his website or send an email or give him call.

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