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Learning Support Teacher : Individual lessons in support for learning **

Please contact me if you have any questions for an informal chat and I will be happy to explain the tutoring to you.

Still a few spaces left to join in with creative and educational lessons !

* English * Maths * Art * Topic work *

* Reading * Spelling * Writing *

Fun themed classes to suit your individual needs!

I am a fully qualified primary teacher providing online lessons in English and Maths. I have a B.Ed (Honours) in Primary Education and a Postgraduate certificate in Support for Learning (Masters level) Grade B with Merit.
I am an experienced primary teacher with a vast amount of knowledge in teaching and can create individual lessons to meet the specific needs of each child. I have worked with all ages from nursery to P7 and can incorporate engaging and challenging lessons for each pupil. I make the lessons enjoyable for the pupils to learn in.
Each lesson will build upon the learning needs of each pupil.

I have a vast amount of experience in teaching pupils with specific learning needs such as

Speech and Language Impairment

I am highly experienced in teaching children how to read and write and enjoy seeing each child's individual progress.

Art lessons available - fun and educational art lessons. Let your child explore his/her imagination and creativity and learn new art techniques through a fun and interesting art class. Art techniques such as design, drawing using a range of mediums and painting using various art materials.

Pre School Lessons Available :
I can organise lessons to help children develop early literacy and early numeracy skills. I can also develop activities to help improve social skills and improve behaviour.

I can create lessons with Art Therapy to help develop language, self confidence and concentration skills in all levels from nursery to P7.

Since studying at Edinburgh University / Moray House and gaining my postgraduate certificate in Support for Learning at Masters level. I am qualified to teach Support for Learning.
Various lengths of sessions to suit each individual.
Areas covered : Reading, Spelling, Comprehension and Creative Writing.

I am extremely hard working and reliable and will dedicate my time in helping your child reach his/her full potential.
All lessons follow the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Children need to be happy to learn and I will ensure all pupils are happy throughout each lesson. I incorporate positive behaviour strategies with lots of praise to encourage children to work hard and an individual reward chart to help boost each child's self confidence.
I am flexible with days and times to suit the individual learner.

I can help give you advice on how to help your child with his/ her education.

I have my full GTC registration and PVG certificate. References and certificates available for you to see.
Please get in contact if you have any questions. I am happy to chat about what you feel you need in your child's lessons and how I can create the best individual programme of education for your child's specific learning needs.

Current Reference from a parent,

Julie Review

I found Julie's services via Gumtree as I was looking for support for my son who was having difficulty with his reading and writing. We saw Julie weekly, over Zoom, which initially I was worried about my 6 year old engaging in. However with Julie's way of being and teaching methods he was engaged in the learning and began to enjoy her sessions. Julie put's a lot of effort into each session and work's to not only his likes but his needs and abilities. In our recent review with the teacher it was noted that he had increased his reading by 4 levels and I know this was with Julie's support, cannot recommend her enough. Jackie

Reference from a current parent,

Tutoring is a great way to not only support your child's educational needs but also boost their confidence and self-esteem. Julie is very skilled at doing this and thoroughly enjoys assisting young learners with their development. Julie provides a relaxed, friendly, and engaging approach to learning that is tailored to the needs of your child, which is excellent for promoting curiosity, open discussions and enabling learning to take place. I would definitely recommend Julie because she is hard working, enthusiastic and very adaptable to suit the needs of your child.

"Julie is a great teacher. She has really helped our daughter with her math skills. Julie puts a lot of thought and attention into each lesson. Would definitely recommend.

Alan, Glasgow.

Reference from a parent :

Yes, you were invaluable through the summer. You helped in ways you might not expect. You were the impetus behind getting additional work through the holiday period, without you i fear our best intentions or grand plans would would have fizzled out as other interests and plans would have taken over. Your insight into children's behaviour is uncommon. I learned a lot too, especially with how you approached our younger son. He had a spelling test in his second week back at school his performance was terrible. We spoke with his teacher asking if he could hold a fidget toy for his next test and the results were remarkable. His teacher was amazed. When you got him to draw and colour while asking him to spell words was a light bulb moment for me. Without you we would have tried more of the same failing methods and for that we are grateful.

We will keep you in mind if we feel the boys need tutoring in the future because we like your energy, your commitment and most of all your understanding and ability. We don't know of anyone looking for a tutor but would definatley recommend you.

Wishing you well.

Parent reference;

My 8 year old daughter (now 9) was with Julie for over 6 months during lockdown, during this time we concentrated on maths and English which katelyn was struggling in both areas, as the kids returned to school full time we stuck with Julie, as katelyn was now enjoying school and her lessons, and during the next four months recieved weekly teacher awards and a head teacher award, for trying hard and showing most improved, with one point her teaching showing her work to previous teachers and they couldn't believe the improvement, I truly feel this is down to the patience and fun that Julie out into each lesson with katelyn, we will definetly be using Julie again in the near future, can't recommend her enough, thankyou Julie

Priya M(9)
My daughter has been learning from Julie for the last 15 months. Julie is very patient, knowledgeable and friendly and has a wonderful way of teaching the children . Julie tailors the sessions according to the needs of the child which is excellent and help to focus on areas we need improvement on . I would recommend Julie 100%

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