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Bold vision, brave action: THE BUSINESS MASTERCLASS SERIES in Christchurch

104 weeks ago


Limited places. Click here to book:

This masterclass is for you if ...You're an ambitious person who ...
... wants to feel more assertive and confident in their career or their personal life
... wants to go for that promotion instead of waiting for it to come to you
... has a business idea and needs a push of confidence to go for it
... wants to feel comfortable speaking in front of others
... has bright ideas but sometimes struggles to make yourself heard
... wants to empower themselves in their professional lives
... has a bold vision and wants to put it into action, but not too sure how to proceed

By the end of this masterclass you will ...
... have defined your vision, in a crystal clear manner, enabling you to communicate it in a way that is clear, plain and inspiring to those around you
... have learned about what words you use, what you sound like and look like when you say those words and most importantly what impact these have on your audience
... learned and practiced a technique which will allow you to consciously influence your impact
... learned and practiced a technique which will allow you to leverage on your successes and use them to influence your stakeholders

Date: Saturday 20 July
Time: 9am - 1pm
Venue: The Port Suite, The Captains Club, Wick Lane, Christchurch.
Cost: £45

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