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Jawohl, all you lil jabberwoks!

Im providing mixing, mastering and production. My selection of genres is very broad, i have worked with most musical styles by now.

If you are looking for production that can actually come up with something new before others get wind of it, look no further.

Tools of my chosen trade are mainly Cubase 10,Reaper. Wavelab and T racks 5. Along with that i use mainly Waves plugins and some chosen piece of hardware that i know very well.

I have re-amping capabilities by deploying my trusted Kustom 200 w solid state Quad amplifier, plus other hardware like several old, single fx pedals, Korg multipedal and rack unit with amp modelling capabilities.

Other than that,i use my experience spanning the last 10+ years of mixing and production in general, ranging from Israeli short movies, to Australian tv pilot theme song, and working with director Andrea Bossoni,...and much more.

Im offering quality, actual vision and i am flexible, where needed.

My prices are still to this day, quite reasonable.

1. Mixing of audio material ( 1-25 tracks) = 70 GBP

2. Mixing of audio material ( 25-50 tracks ) = 130 GBP

3. Over 50 tracks are negotiated according to the workload.

4. Mastering ( 1 finished stereo track) = 50 GBP

All phases include 3 free re-workings. Anything beyond that is 20 GBP extra.
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ATTENTION : When i receive the material, i am assuming that all the sound choices have been already made, and that all the needed material is included. If you need the sounds to be altered, let me know right away, so we can deal with that first before mixing takes place.

I always aim for a natural sound. That means that i do not spend an eternity auto-tuning something, thereby killing the audio.

If something needs to be rectified slightly,im okay with that.

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Stop messing about , your music isn't going to mix itself.

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